IIT-B students make Anand Mahindra ‘proud’ with ‘world’s first foldable diamond frame e-bike’

Anand Mahindra shared a few pictures on X of him getting together and cycling around his office complex. IIT Bombay students created a bike that Mahindra rode. Alongside the images, the industrialist praised the students for creating the ‘world’s first diamond frame e-bike’.

Anand Mahindra rides a bike built by students of IIT-B. (X/@anandmahindra)

“A bunch of guys from IIT Bombay have made us proud again,” wrote Anand Mahindra while sharing a few pictures of him assembling and riding the X bike. “They have created the world’s first diamond frame folding e-bike with full size wheels. This makes the bike not only 35% more efficient than other folding bikes, but also stable at higher than average speeds. And it’s the only bike that doesn’t have to be lifted after folding,” he added further.

Check out the pictures shared by Anand Mahindra here:

The tweet was shared a day ago on X. It has since gone viral with over a million views and the numbers are still growing. A few even took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted to the viral tweet:

“That is truly extraordinary news! Big congratulations to the IIT Bombay team for their innovation and the impressive e-bike they have developed. The design of the folding diamond frame is a game changer, and 35% more efficient than other folding bikes makes it even more exceptional. Moreover, the improved stability at higher speeds is a significant benefit worth celebrating,” one individual posted.

Another added: “Impressive innovation from IIT Bombay! The world’s first folding e-bike with a diamond frame is a game changer. Increased efficiency, stability at higher speeds and no lifting after folding – it’s a revolution on wheels!”

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“It’s such a well thought out and designed feature that keeps the heart of the motorcycle intact. Kudos to the team, this will motivate people to take their bikes on long trips. And that’s fantastic motivation,” shared a third.

A fourth commented: “Wow. It’s going great. I will definitely check this out.”

“It’s a great way to support environmentally conscious mobility and innovation. Keep moving forward towards a more sustainable future!” wrote the fifth.

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