I Am Legend’s Alternate Ending Explained: What Happens & Why It Was Cut

  • alternative ending I am a legend It restores the original novel more truly, allowing people to have a deeper understanding of the infected.
  • An alternate ending reveals that the infected creatures are self-aware, intelligent, and sentient, causing Neville to question his own morality.
  • i am legend 2 An alternate ending will be followed, allowing Will Smith’s character to survive and continue the story in a new direction.

alternative ending I am a legend It explains more about the infected than the theatrical version, more closely reflects Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, and gives the rest of the film more depth.When the alternate ending was first revealed I am a legend Immediately after the DVD was released, many viewers expressed that they felt it was even more exciting than the last episode. I am a legend.Apparently director Francis Lawrence feels the same way, because i am legend 2 will follow an alternate ending I am a legend instead of the original.What’s more, Warner Bros. produced I am a legend Alternate clips available for streaming.This of course raises a lot of questions about what happened i am legendary Alternative endings that need to be set I am a legend 2, And why it wasn’t used in the first place.

I am a legend The ending left viewers divided.novels by richard matheson I am a legend It is one of the most highly regarded works of post-apocalyptic fiction to date, having been adapted twice before the 2007 Will Smith version.a large part of it I am a legend A book that has never been faithfully adapted is what it ends up being.the end of I am a legend The novel sees Robert Neville die by his own hand and reveals that the infected have formed their own society and view Neville as a monster – a bogeyman they fear and loathe because he killed their species.Will Smith I am a legend Again fails to replicate this ending, but its alternate conclusion is closer to the message of the book.However, another ending I am a legend The fate of Will Smith’s Robert Neville is very different from the theatrical cut or Matheson’s novel, which directly sets I am a legend 2.

Another ending explanation of I am Legend

The alternative ending is I am a legend In many ways it is completely different from the theatrical version.But, that I am a legend The alternate ending has one key difference from the original, which may explain why Warner Bros. and Francis Lawrence chose to make it a canon version – Will Smith survived.exist I am a legendof In an alternate ending, Robert Neville learns that the infected are self-aware, possess a degree of intelligence, and, most importantly, have feelings. However, to Neville’s shock, the Darkseekers feared him. From their perspective, the violence shown to Robert by the infected was driven by necessity. These vampire-like creatures attack his home not to kill him, but to save one of their own. Their attack was a rescue mission to free the infected women Neville had kidnapped as test subjects.

The moral weight of Neville’s relentless experimentation to find a cure for the virus is at the center of the fight I am a legend Alternate ending. Realizing that the creatures were still intelligent, had some means of communication, and had developed their own society, Neville had his test subject rejoin her kin. He never says it out loud, but he seems to be aware that he too has become the Dark Seeker’s monster (just like in the book). However, this realization allows Will Smith’s character to survive in a parallel world. I am a legend end. The infected person’s retreat means that there is no need for him to sacrifice himself.in this ending I am a legend Neville did not die, but gave up his research. He received treatment and traveled to Vermont with Anna and Ethan.

Why I Am Legend Didn’t Use an Alternate Ending

Will Smith and vampire hybrid in

The alternative ending is I am a legend Of course it’s very different from the one in the movie.I am a legendIn the original ending of the theatrical version, Will Smith’s character holed up in a lab, trying to find a cure for the virus. As he finds a solution to the infected’s condition, the creatures burst into his house. Neville ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy the monster and allow the survivors, Anna and Ethan, to escape. Anna and Ethan then set out to find survivors and collect Neville’s healing samples, which meant that humanity was saved.Although this ending I am a legend The adaptation that maintains Neville’s suicide completely ignores his original reason for doing so in the novel, as he never realized that he had inadvertently become a villain in the world.

this I am a legend The alternate ending was not used in the final cut for a number of reasons.The theatrical version made some revisions to an earlier draft, one of which I am a legendof dogs survived.The final outcome is I am a legend Selected based on audience reception, the “Will Smith dies” scene received the most enthusiastic response.The ending of the theater version is I am a legend However, the book caused controversy among fans of Richard Matheson’s novel, as they felt that the novel failed to thematically capture what made the book’s ending so poignant.

The plot may be closer I am a legend This is a novel based on the death of Robert Neville, but it may be missing a philosophical point that is more about morality than a story about zombies.Although a substitute I am a legend The ending is far from the original, but closer in spirit, as Neville learns that he is not as righteous as he thought.Unfortunately, as director Francis Lawrence revealed, the reason is I am a legend After a strong negative reaction from test audiences to the ending that featured Robert Neville as the villain, the twist ending was changed to the more heroic ending seen in theaters.

I Am Legend 2 will follow the alternate ending of I Am Legend

Will Smith plays Dr. Robert Neville in

since i am legend 2 There were a lot of questions asked when Will Smith returned alongside new actor Michael B. Jordan.Since the death of Robert Neville at the end of the year I am a legend It’s hard to imagine Will Smith returning without just a flashback scene (perhaps via Neville’s vlog).However, by making I am a legend An alternative ending to the classic ending, Robert Neville, has no narrative complexity in the sequel. i am legend 2 The story will continue with an alternate ending rather than a theatrical cut, showing what Robert Neville did after surviving Manhattan and escaping with the antidote.

Although a substitute I am a legend Ending explains how Will Smith returns for sequel, but still leaves many questions i am legend 2 Must answer. If Neville had a cure, did he give it to the remaining survivors or infected mutants, or did he realize that they deserved to be left alone with the lives they’d built? Another question is, where is the tension? i am legend 2 ever since an infected person was found to no longer pose a threat in a new environment I am a legend end. Maybe Neville becomes their protector against other humans who don’t understand them. However, it might be interesting if the movie had Will Smith as the villain and Michael B. Jordan as the hero who stops him from killing the infected.

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