I Am Legend 2’s Timeline & Retcons Make Will Smith’s Return Even Better

the news said i’m a legend 2 Will scout again i’m a legendThe split ending is great news for Will Smith’s return to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series. i’m a legendThe epilogue is one of the most controversial book adaptations in film adaptation history. Based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, 2007 i’m a legend The book opens with a fairly honest retelling of the story. Both the novel and its film adaptation focus on Dr. Robert Neville, a lone survivor in an abandoned city years after a mysterious illness turns humans into vampire monsters. dragon known as the Wandering Shadow Seeker.

However, I’m a legend’The adaptation is very different from the novel at the end.ending i’m a legendfilm adaptation of i’m a legend 2 will start over, seeing Neville sacrifice himself by blowing up a building full of Darkseekers, all so a survivor can bring a cure for an experimental disease to a secret commune. of mankind. In contrast, the novel ends with Neville learning that he is the mythical monster of the Shadow Seeker, not the mindless killing machine he imagined, but a creature with thoughts, feelings. Neville’s discoveries give the novel its title, as he realizes that he is a terrifying myth to creatures living in fear.

I Am Legend 2’s timeline could give Will Smith a very different character

the news said i’m a legend 2 Happens, Smith will need to reconnoiter i’m a legendThe last part exploded, much criticized. Even though Will Smith Oscar slaps and hurts everyone i’m a legend 2the sequel is still in the works, and according to i’m a legend 2 Producer Akiva Goldsman, the film will “The return of the original Matheson book and an alternate ending to the one released in the original filmThat means Smith could play a different character, as an older survivor, and the sequel could be a completely different beast than the previous one as it stays true to the ending. the beginning of the novel.

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i’m a legend 2 Alternate endings are used i’m a legend Much more interesting is Smith’s character, as it allows the audience to see a new side of Neville. in the original movie version i’m a legendNeville is a crass survivor who to some extent struggles with isolation but ends up being a morally simple hero. However, Darkseekers in i’m a legend 2 Sentient beings are likely to be recognized with social structures, familial ties and near-human intelligence, which means Neville will need to reconcile previous genocide. with what he knows about them.

The timeline of I Am Legend 2 makes it different from the original movie

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Although Goldsman did not specify how far in the future i’m a legend 2 After deciding, he hinted that a lot of time would pass between the two films. According to Goldsman, the action for the sequel will begin”Decades later than the first“confirms that Neville hasn’t been the anti-hero of the original assassins for a long time. This will allow. i’m a legend 2 stay away from the original movie where the murder madness is completely misunderstood i’m a legend Get the title by removing Neville’s most important perception from the end of the story.

I Am Legend 2’s ending retcon is more interesting for Smith’s Neville

I am the legend 2 problem retcon end alternate

inside i’m a legend In the film, Smith’s Neville is nothing more than a standard version of an action hero. He has some compelling moments when he explores his character’s loneliness, such as a memorable scene where he tries to strike up a conversation with an inanimate mannequin. However, from mercilessly killing the Dark Lord to his ultimate explosive self-sacrifice, Neville’s status as a scientist didn’t stop him from tackling the problem with violence. He doesn’t see the monsters he hunts as merely a potential cure for the diseases ravaging humanity, and i’m a legendThe dramatic finale reiterated his point.

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Instead of bringing Robert Neville back through a clone i’m a legend 2 – a twist that may have given the original film a misjudged ending in the classic series – the sequel would do well to fully retool Neville’s sacrifice. Knowing that Darkseekers is as sentient as he is would be a humbling and fascinating moment for the character, and it would be more interesting to watch an older version of Smith, Neville, exploit that discovery rather than actually do it. Show the sequel and watch his clone continue to slay fearsome monsters indiscriminately. like this, i’m a legend 2The end of the retcon will make i’m a legend A series of stronger, more exciting franchises.

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