Hunter X Hunter’s Return Date Officially Confirmed

fan hunter x hunter This week can be cheered, because the series’ nearly four-year hiatus has an official end date: October 24, 2022. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the series’ return for years, so this news definitely means a lot to many fans of the series. favorite series. hunter x hunterThe manga’s creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, was forced to pause the series in 2018 due to declining health. Fortunately, Weekly Shonen Jump Instead of canceling the series, it will be put on hold until Togashi can start over.

Togashi announces comeback hunter x hunter In April 2022 and the following summer he created a Twitter account, where he began posting photos of his work in progress to reassure fans that the series will indeed return. According to his many tweets, Togashi is still having some health issues that make it difficult for him to hold the pen and he had to come up with some creative solutions to complete the series without ruining his condition. it’s more serious. The culmination of Togashi’s work over the summer is a complete chapter hunter x hunter This is the first time since November 2018, just one month in four years.

Japanese officials Weekly Shonen Jump Twitter The account tweeted (in Japanese) that the magazine would publish a new chapter on October 24, 2022. Since then, fan accounts have translated that announcement and information about the series has also started. began to spread among western fandoms. This is actually the first chapter hunter x hunter since posting non-jumpingPublisher Shueisha launched the Manga Plus English app in 2019.

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hunter x hunter Come back on October 24

Togashi said he finished up to 10 new chapters hunter x hunter, so expect more content for fans in the near future. It’s unknown if Togashi’s workaround will continue to be effective in keeping him working, but even if fans only watched these ten chapters and watched nothing else for a long time, it would be. The right thing to make sure this beloved series ends should be a long way off.

no matter what happens hunter x hunter Looking ahead, though, fans can at least celebrate the return of the popular series for now. hunter x hunter Being loved for a reason, and with its return, fans finally have a reason to celebrate.

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