Human Torch’s Iron Man Armor Is Still His Best Redesign Ever

The Human Torch once proved that Iron Man isn’t the only hero who can wear armor and kick his ass at the same time, as the Fantastic Four hero wears his own mech-like outfit. Inside Marvelous Marvel Comics Redesign MOTHER’S HOUSE During that era, Johnny Storm traded in his usual outfit for a giant, flaming machine that showcased his powers while allowing him to defeat Tony Stark.

Johnny Storm is the Fantastic Four’s most interesting hero because he rarely gives up a fight, no matter the odds. The fiery hero uses his firepower to take on some of the most fearsome villains in the Marvel Comics universe, from Doctor Doom to Kang the Conqueror to Galactus. However, one of the most interesting battles of the Human Torch took place at MOTHER’S HOUSE Starring Iron Man, heroes fight in a gladiator-like arena. So in this comic, Johnny gets his own Iron Man-style armor in one of his coolest redesigns ever.

exist Iron Man: The House of MOTHER #1 Created by Greg Pak, Pat Lee, Dream Engine, and VC’s Rus Wooton, this comic offers a glimpse into what happens to Tony Stark after Scarlet Witch rewrites a mutant-ruled reality value, minority. The story opens with Iron Man in “Homo Sapiens Deathmatch”, a reality TV show in which gladiators in powerful armor battle each other until a winner is determined. One of the three armored heroes debuting includes the Human Torch, who gains a brand new mech that allows him to “burn” just like the regular powers of the Marvel Universe. The Fantastic Four hero’s redesigned appearance is awe-inspiring as he controls a giant machine that shoots a blast of fire from his chest.

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While the Human Torch’s armor looked great, it proved not strong enough to defeat Iron Man, who broke his helmet and knocked his fellow hero to the ground. Meanwhile, Howard Stark will fight his son and defeat him – leading Johnny Storm to third place in the Gladiator Challenge, which the Fantastic Four heroes couldn’t be more excited about.

Armor Iron Man Torch

In the end, Johnny Storm’s Iron Man armor only appeared a few times in the miniseries and was forgotten like many other characters MOTHER’S HOUSE Reality. However, the redesign reveals that the Fantastic Four hero would look great in his own mechanical suit, as his powers, Flame, come from a different source. There’s nothing like his classic suit, but the design offers something new. The uniform may be short-lived, but the Human Torch’s Iron Man armor is one of the finest armor the hero has ever had.

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