How Zombie Variants Are Made: Daryl Dixon Confirms The Secret Ingredient

  • The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon reveals that zombie mutants are man-made and not naturally occurring, suggesting someone is capturing normal zombies and experimenting to enhance their abilities.
  • Decapitated zombie heads may have played a role in the creation of zombie variants, as evidenced by scenes in the show where they can be seen in labs and containers, as well as in walker cages.
  • While Genet’s method of creating zombie variants has been shown, there may be other ways to create these creatures, hinting at more mysteries and unanswered questions in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Warning: This article contains spoilers The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonAlthough zombie variants have become possible The Walking Dead There have been many seasons and series so far, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon was the first show to really delve into this idea, and now, the show is getting closer and closer to revealing how these variations are made. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is the latest derivative The Walking Dead franchise, and follows Daryl as he mysteriously finds himself in France. But before he can return home, he is inevitably drawn into the issues and politics of post-apocalyptic Europe.

Although the zombie variant was hinted at from the start The walking dead, Only now has the series truly answered questions about these creatures. To be clear, zombie mutants are zombies infected by the Wildfire virus, but somehow infected with a different strain of the virus, giving them enhanced abilities such as super strength, super speed, and increased intelligence. While the origins of the zombie variant remain obscure so far, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon We are closer than ever to unearthing the roots of these mutations.

Daryl Dixon reveals decapitated zombie heads are used to create mutants

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Two key points in the creation of zombie variants are revealed. First, zombie variants are man-made, not naturally occurring.This point is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon In the third episode, Ginette leads Codron into a laboratory where a scientist is conducting experiments on zombies. The zombie chained to the wall suddenly broke free, proving its super strength, but soon collapsed in a bloody mess. This scene hints that Genette’s plan as a villain involves capturing normal zombies and injecting them with something to enhance their skills, though her success rate isn’t necessarily high.

The second revelation about making a zombie variant is that decapitated heads may have something to do with it.exist The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 5, Daryl flashes back to his time on Juno Povar Boat. He remembers seeing a laboratory in a shipping container filled with cages of walkers chained to the wall and a decapitated zombie head floating in a jar. This detail actually appears in the episode 3 scene mentioned above as well. Given the specificity of decapitating zombie heads, this seems to have something to do with creating a serum that turns walkers into mutants.

There may be other ways to create variants in The Walking Dead

The Burner variant from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Episode 1

Then again, Genet’s version of making zombie variants might not be the only way.It’s worth noting that zombie variants have emerged in the United States and France, considering what Darryl Dixon It is revealed that someone had to create these zombies. They don’t happen naturally. So, either Genette’s method has been figured out in the United States, or there is another reason for the zombie variant that has yet to be revealed. either way, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon hinted at some important insights into the season-long mystery, and hopefully some solid answers will emerge soon.

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