How to watch NBA basketball from anywhere for free

The great thing about this new era of digital content and live streaming is that you can watch from almost anywhere. Yes, you can sit in your living room and watch on your main TV, but also, if you’re out and about running errands, you can watch from your phone or tablet, or if you’re on a business trip, you can even start watching on your laptop. The ability to stream content online, whether live or recorded, is completely changing the game of entertainment. It also transformed the entire world of sports, including boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer, and basketball. For example, it is possible to watch NCAA basketball anywhere from the internet or watch the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup for women also online, sometimes even for free. Thus, it is possible to watch the NBA live stream for selected games.

When you want to watch NBA basketball, from anywhere in the world, online, you have several different options. It really depends on where the game is broadcast live, as certain networks own the rights to various games and offer live streams exclusively through proprietary or partner services. For example, the EFL Cup in soccer is only available through ESPN+ in the United States. NBA games are sometimes broadcast on TNT, NBA TV, NBA League Pass, ESPN, ABC, and other cable channels, with just as much variety when it comes to watching those events online. If you want to follow the latest NBA games, don’t worry, it may seem complicated, but we’ll break it down for you. Read on to see the best places to watch NBA games online, from anywhere in the world.

Watch NBA Basketball on FuboTV

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Our top recommendation for watching NBA basketball anywhere online, as well as most other sports, is FuboTV. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to a wide variety of cable TV channels, not just sports or the NBA. Plus, you can watch from any compatible device, online, anywhere, including mobile devices, tablets, smart TVs, and more. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Since there is a free trial of FuboTV, new subscribers can sign up for free and watch for a full month. That’s right, you get a whole month free, including watching live sports like NBA basketball games. There is nothing better than that friends.

Watch NBA Basketball on Sling TV

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Since most NBA games are broadcast live on networks like TNT, ESPN, NBA TV, ESPN3, and ABC, you’ll be able to watch the NBA live stream on Sling TV. In fact, you have several options, one more affordable and another more complete. Starting at $15 per month, you can subscribe to Sling TV’s NBA League Pass package, which allows you to access and watch all domestic games and all out-of-market games, with few blackout restrictions. You’ll also get 31 channels, including NBA TV and individual team channels. Another option and a more comprehensive solution is Sling Orange at $40 per month, with a $20 discount for your first month for new subscribers. With Orange you get access to 31 live cable TV channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV and many more. It expands your entertainment potential beyond NBA basketball to include other live sports. While there’s no free trial for Sling TV, you can sign up for the free service, but the content is limited.

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Watch NBA Basketball on Hulu with Live TV

Live Guide on Hulu with Live TV.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

Hulu’s version of streaming live TV is aptly named Hulu with Live TV. While it’s a bit different from standard Hulu and Hulu does have a free trial, the live service arm doesn’t. The good news is that you can watch live sports, including NBA basketball games on Hulu with Live TV, plus access to over 85 live cable channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, TNT and more. Hulu with a Live TV plan costs $70 per month, which allows for up to two simultaneous streams at once, from any device. There are an unlimited number of screen options you can add if you need to stream from multiple devices at once.

Watch NBA basketball on YouTube with live TV

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Like other services, YouTube TV or YouTube with Live TV allows you to watch live cable channels online from anywhere. Since it provides access to channels that broadcast NBA basketball games, you can also use it to watch live NBA content. With a subscription, you can access over 100 channels, including FOX, ESPN, CNN, TNT, ABC. You can also add channels like NBA League Pass to make sure you never miss a game due to blackout restrictions. YouTube TV starts at $65 per month for over 100 channels, including NFL and NBA Networks, with unlimited DVR space to record live streams if you can’t be there to watch. The basic package is available for $55 for the first three months for new subscribers, a discount of $10.

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Watch NBA basketball from abroad with a VPN

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Are you traveling abroad, far from your homeland? You may run into a roadblock while trying to watch NBA basketball online. Some services, like FuboTV, ESPN, and Sling TV, region-lock based on your current IP address. Since your IP is assigned when you connect to the internet, mostly from your location, you may not be able to watch your favorite team destroy the pitch. There is a solution, it’s easy to set up and free if you’re a new subscriber.

To watch NBA basketball abroad, you’ll need a VPN, or virtual private network. Our top recommendation for doing just that is NordVPN, which will assign you an IP in the country of your choice, in this case the United States, allowing you to mask your current IP. The best part is that there is a free trial of NordVPN that you can use for up to a month completely free of charge. With access, you’ll be better protected, as IP masquerading helps protect your anonymity and privacy while browsing online, and you’ll be able to watch otherwise restricted services like FuboTV. That way, you can watch the NBA live stream from anywhere in the world.

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