How to Use LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation?

Lead generation continues to be a significant concern for many entrepreneurs and marketers. Considering the competition in the market, the market share of the economic pie is getting smaller and smaller. As a result, marketers are devising new ways to target their leads and convert them into customers.

Linkedin’s lead generation strategy is an approach that marketers have found to be effective in several niches. Like any other social media, it offers great opportunities in terms of data gathering and spreading the message. However, to get leads on Linkedin, data and targeted advertising may not be enough. Marketers need to apply the right communication methods, make the right proposals, and execute at the right time.

In this post, you’ll learn how to find leads on LinkedIn and whether LinkedIn is the only tool you need.

Ways to get leads on LinkedIn

First of all, LinkedIn has grown significantly over the past few years. It has become more than just a place to connect business. It is currently used by marketers, entrepreneurs, brands and media. Why? They use it to generate leads in different ways.

There are different ways to advertise on LinkedIn. They can be in the form of videos, images or even messages. How useful are they? They work on the principle of targeting, and if you have a defined target audience, it could be a great choice for you.

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The reason is that you can target a person based on skills, occupation, interests. Before you start your campaign, however, you’ll need to customize your profile and the message you’ll propose. Ultimately, the content of your announcement and profile should reflect the goal of your campaign, whether it’s raising awareness, improving engagement, or driving website conversions.


Producing content on LinkedIn is another way to attract leads, leading to sales. Since this social platform is all about business and professional development, sharing advice or expertise can be one way to nurture leads.

In particular, a brand or a person can create a group or community to share useful content. Also, the group can be considered a blog, but for business people asking questions. Answering them will contribute to lead nurturing and can lead to the promotion of b2b services with subsequent sales.


Ultimately, when you can connect with people on LinkedIn, it’s about building new relationships with people and making a friendly call. Linkedin helps you get warm leads instead of cold leads. How? When a potential customer gets a LinkedIn or InMail message in their inbox, they can at least visit your profile. There is a certain trust in certain social media. Also, if you make the message more personalized, the chances of getting a response are higher.

As a result, entrepreneurs and marketers can write to their potential customers directly, request a meeting, share a project, or offer a job. Choosing to use LinkedIn to generate leads isn’t easy. There are limits, while the answer depends on how you look and how clear your message or profile is. Marketers should consider some peculiarities.

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How to search on Linkedin

Interestingly, prospecting on LinkedIn involves three essential factors. They should define beliefs, values, and engagement.

  • File. You should develop your profile to reflect your industry or business. It can represent the brand and its values. So try to fill in all the fields, starting with the summary, skills and experience block.
  • Content. Be sure to post and repost as well as participate in the discussion. One tip is to join different groups and share your expertise there. If it’s good enough, people will visit your profile and develop their interest. The main goal here is to provide value to potential customers.
  • Communicate. Connect with potential customers and encourage them to start a conversation. You can start by looking at other profiles, and when they get back to you, don’t hesitate to write them down. If they see your profile, they might be interested. It’s your chance to turn a cold message into a warmer one.

However, don’t sell them all at once; Identify potential needs your company can help with. Then set a time to call to discuss it. Depending on how compelling your message is, you can ultimately increase your sales.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

At the same time, LinkedIn offers tremendous data and targeting opportunities. In this regard, you can find new contacts and analyze them as your leads. It works in many ways.

You can create your own list of business prospects by doing your own research. It’s a kind of manual analysis. However, there is automation software that can import data from LinkedIn into CRM.

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There are LinkedIn lead generation tools like Linked Sales Navigator, Linked Helper, GetProspect etc. others email search engines with popular extensions or solutions used in cross-marketing. email. This way you can compile a new business contact list with your e-mail address, work place or any other information available.

At the same time, the database can be used to manage leads and detailed analysis of certain contacts from that database. You can check this e.g. A specific database containing information about potential customers, including LinkedIn profile URLs.

Why is that important? A marketer may want to visit this page to develop a more targeted approach in email marketing or any other digital marketing campaign.


Linkedin offers different ways to start your lead generation strategy. After reading this post, you already know the basics of how to use LinkedIn to generate leads. You can choose to place ads or collect data and write a cold but targeted message. This social media contributes significantly to targeting and segmentation, and thus contributes to the sales funnel.

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