How to turn off the PS5 beep sound

Sony announced a new PS5 firmware update that will offer a handful of accessibility features, Dolby Atmos support, and the ability to mute the beep sound when powering the console on and off. The update is still in beta and will roll out to select players ahead of its full release.

If you want to mute the beep sound on your PS5 system before the update goes live, you’ll need to utilize a workaround. But thankfully, it’s a relatively simple process.


How to mute PS5 beep sound using Remote Play

Since the aforementioned update isn’t live for everyone quite yet, you’ll need to use a smartphone with the Remote Play app to turn on your PS5 system silently.

Step 1: On your PS5, head to Settings > System > Remote Play and make sure it’s enabled.

Step 2: Then, head into the Power Saving menu > Features Available in Rest Mode and enable Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS5 from Network.

Step 3: Then, download the PlayStation Remote Play app and log in using your PlayStation Network credentials. Once you’re in, select the Settings option by pressing the gear icon in the top right.

Step 4: From there, go to Mobile Data > and enable Use Mobile Data. If you skip this step, your PS5 will still beep when you turn it on.

Step 5: Then, turn off your smartphone’s Wi-Fi. When you turn on the PS5 system from the app, it will no longer beep. From there, just make sure you turn on the DualSense controller to begin playing on the TV.

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