How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the third most used messaging app in the world, followed by WhatsApp and WeChat. So, chances are high that your boyfriend is also using the Facebook Messenger app to communicate with his Facebook friends. But what if he was chatting with his illegitimate partner through an app he might have met on Facebook itself.

If your partner spends a lot of time texting someone on Messenger, it’s time to do some research to discover their loyalty to you. In this article, I will share with you how to track your boyfriend’s facebook messenger without him knowing.

Are scammers using Facebook Messenger?

Yes, although cheaters prefer apps like Kik and Snapchat to Facebook, since the secret chat feature on Messenger was released, it has also become a favorite messaging app for hackers. cheat. Now I can have a romantic chat with someone without leaving any trace.

So you have to keep an eye on your boyfriend’s activities on Messenger to see if he’s having an extramarital affair.

How to track your boyfriend’s Facebook Messenger?

After learning that the Messenger app can also be used to cheat, you must want to know how to track your boyfriend’s Facebook Messenger, right? Well, it’s very possible to see all the activities your partner is doing on the messaging app such as reading his chats or monitoring your boyfriend’s Messenger calls using the app spy.

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If this is your first time hearing the term “spyware”, then I will tell you that it is a special program that monitors every activity performed on the target phone i.e. the phone that it is installed. Furthermore, these apps work in stealth mode so there is no way for the target audience to know that they are being tracked.

Okay, but are all spy apps tracking Facebook Messenger? You can ask. So let me tell you that not all spyware is capable of monitoring the Messenger app. So, you need to be careful when choosing a spy app if you want to track your boyfriend’s chats and calls on Messenger.

Best SMS tracking app

You see that many apps can monitor Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger, but they are limited to monitoring conversations. If you also want to listen to your boyfriend’s Messenger VoIP calls, you have very few options. One of the few good options you have is FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced spy apps for Android and iPhone. It can track non-rooted Android, but if you want to track your boyfriend’s iPhone, you need to jailbreak it.

How to use FlexiSPY?

The FlexiSPY app must be installed on your boyfriend’s phone before you can monitor their Messenger chats and calls using it. You’ll need to have physical access to your lover’s phone for 5 to 10 minutes when they’re not around and then you just need to install the app on their phone.

Once the app is installed, just wait until your boyfriend uses his Facebook Messenger app and all his activities will sync with your FlexiSPY account. To view chats and calls in the Messenger app, simply sign in to the FlexiSPY account you created when you purchased the app.

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Once you’re on the dashboard, go to VoIP recording and you’ll be able to see all the calls they’ve made on social media platforms including WhatsApp, Skype and of course Facebook Messenger .

You can listen to the call yourself on the dashboard, or you can choose to download the audio files to your device to listen to later or use as evidence. In addition to audio calls, it also records their video calls. Video calls are recorded in an audio format, which means you can only view the visual content and hear the conversation taking place during the video call.

If you want to read their messages, you can go to the Keylogger section of the application. There you can read all the Facebook messages your boyfriend has sent to someone through the Messenger app. If you are tracking a non-rooted phone, then you can only see one-way messages i.e. messages sent by your boyfriend. But on the other hand, if you are monitoring an unmanaged device, then you can see the entire conversation.

Even so, FlexiSPY is still one of the best solutions to track your boyfriend’s messages with or without rooting his phone.

Spyware Application mSpy

mSpy is a great spy digital assistant app to track text messages, current GPS location, calls, emails, social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat etc. simple to use. The data collected from the target device is always available. So how does mSpy work?

Install mSpy

All but what you have to do is:

  • Visit the official mSpy website.
  • Choose a plan according to your requirements.
  • Once the payment is made, install mSpy on the target device.
  • Now access the dashboard from any device and monitor what is happening on the target device.
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Simple isn’t it? That’s all you need to do to be able to use the mSpy application.

Note: You can use mSpy to track your kid’s cell phone, but it’s not possible to track your partner’s smartphone and find out if they’re cheating on you, as this is a crime in many country.


If you know your boyfriend is cheating on you, you should not keep quiet and continue to maintain a relationship with him. Instead, confront him and ask him why he is doing this to you. In most cases, a cheater will never admit to cheating unless you show them solid evidence. You can gather evidence against them by tracking their activity on Facebook Messenger.

Now you can’t track all their activities manually without them knowing. Therefore, you need the help of third party apps like FlexiSPY to track any activity of the targeted person on their Facebook Messenger app.

Frequently asked questions

P1. Do Facebook dating messages show up in Messenger?

No, they don’t show up on Messenger.

Q2. Can you follow someone’s Messenger?

Yes, you certainly can, but not without the help of some special tools like spy apps.

Q3. What is the best spy app for Messenger?

In my opinion, FlexiSPY is one of the best Messenger spy apps as it can not only monitor Messenger chats but also record voice and video calls made through this app.

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