How to play co-op in Lords of the Fallen

FromSoftware has set an interesting standard for many fans of the game in the multiplayer game. In almost all of its titles that support co-op, the mechanics are never as simple as most games where you just invite a friend or select an option from the menu. Just like in the story, soul buffs enjoy making this mechanic a bit esoteric, but what about the new Lords of the Fallen? We already know this game features both co-op and PvP, but will engaging in those activities make it a task like its inspiration? Here’s how to play co-op Lords of the Fallen.

How to start a co-op

The only requirement before you can engage in some happy co-op is to reach your first clue, which are essentially checkpoints Lords of the Fallen.

Step 1: Communicate with the rest.

Step 2: Choose More players option at the bottom of the list.

Step 3: You will get four options: * Beckon Lampbearer * Beckon Friend * Follow Lampbearer * Slaughter Lampbearer

Step 4: The first will allow random players to enter your world to help you, the second is to invite a friend, the third is to join other random players as a helper, and the last is for PvP.

Step 5: Choose any of the first three to start a co-op session. No obscure items or rituals required!

Note that you can only team up with one additional player and they will only last until the end of the area or after you defeat the boss before you have to summon it again. If an ally falls, you can revive them by visiting Vestige.

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