How to log out of Netflix on a smart TV

When it comes to streaming platforms, Netflix is ​​one of the best services. Not only does the pioneering service give you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, but many Netflix plans will give you access to 4K HDR content, with support for multiple screens and devices. But as with most streaming services, once you’re officially signed in, it can feel (or appear) like you can never log out.

Whatever your reason, when it’s time to sign out of your Netflix account on your smart TV or streaming device, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

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How to sign out of Netflix on a smart TV

Generally speaking, the Netflix app on most smart TVs will look and work pretty much identically from brand to brand. Here’s how you can sign out of your Netflix account using any brand of smart TV you own or any type of streaming device you have connected to your TV.

Step 1: Launch the Netflix app.

Step 2: Once you are on Home screenswipe left to open the main Netflix menu.

Step 3: Choose Get help from the options list.

Step 4: Choose Sign Outthen select That upon inquiry to confirm this decision.

Account selection on the Netflix website.
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How to unsubscribe from Netflix on the website

You can also unsubscribe from Netflix through the company’s website. This is useful if you’re not sure which smart TVs or streaming devices you’re currently signed in to.

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Step 1: Go to, then click Apply at the top of the page.

Step 2: Hover over your profile picture and select Account from the options drop-down menu.

Step 3: Below Security and privacychoose Access and device management.

Step 4: Now just find the smart TV or streaming device you want to log out from and click Sign Out.

Manage access and devices screen in Netflix on the web.
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Step 5: If you want to sign out of Netflix on all connected devices, simply select Sign out from all devices from Security and privacy panel.

But what if you need to sign in again? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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How to sign up for Netflix

Signing into your Netflix account is just as easy as signing out. Just follow these steps and you’ll be golden.

Step 1: Launch Netflix on your smart TV or streaming device.

Step 2: Choose Apply to use your existing Netflix credentials to sign in to your account.

If you’re a brand new Netflix subscriber, take your pick Get started to see what subscription plans are available.

Step 3: On Select How to apply screen, the default setting is Use the phone.

If your iOS or Android device is nearby, you can either scan the QR code on the TV screen to be redirected to the mobile Netflix login page, or match the numeric code on the TV screen to the one displayed on your phone or tablet.

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