How to leave messages in Elden Ring

Since then demon soulsSouls games have played with different ways of including unique multiplayer elements outside of traditional co-op or PvP. elden ring it has both systems, of course, but also all the older mechanics that are more passive. Things like the ghosts of other players running around the world or bloodstains that you can activate to see how another player died before moving on help make the world feel more alive, but the most popular asynchronous multiplayer has to be the messaging system. .

as in demon soulsand almost every Souls game that FromSoftware developed later, elden ring allows players to write messages on the ground that will appear in other players’ worlds. These can be useful tips, celebrations, warnings, but most often they are cruel jokes. These doodles are a great way for the community to interact, for better or worse, which is almost unique to these games. Getting the ability to write messages and then knowing how to actually do it is a bit strange for newbies, so here’s everything you need to know about leaving messages on elden ring.

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How to Get Contaminated Withered Finger

Each Souls game includes a special item for each aspect of the multiplayer game. In previous games, messages were written with stones, but in elden ring the item in question is Tarnished’s withered finger. It’s almost impossible to miss, unlike some of the other key items, but here’s how to get it if you’re new to the game.

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Just follow the tutorial and pick up the Withered Tarnished Finger from the corpse leaning against the wall.

How to write messages in Elden Ring

Once you have the required item, you can start leaving messages in the world elden ring. There are two ways to do it, one is a bit more practical than the other. We’ll start the slow way.

Step 1: Go to your inventory and select the Tarnished Withered Finger item or select it from your quick slot.

Step 2: A message menu will appear allowing you to choose from a variety of templates or all words. You’re somewhat limited in what you can write, but there are ways to say almost anything you reasonably want to say.

Step 3: When you have the message you want to write, press finish it and it will be placed exactly where your character is.

Step 4 – If you’d rather not keep this extra item in your quick slot or rummage through your inventory to find it, simply press pause and select Messages option at the bottom to start writing a message immediately.

Messages can be rated as positive or negative, and if yours is rated, you’ll get a nice healing for helping someone. Just keep in mind that you’re not invincible when texting and the game doesn’t stop, so make sure the coast is clear before you get your pen out. Leaving helpful messages in clever places can save you a lot of health if you get a high score, so leave some good advice for your fellow Tarnishers!

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