How To Get Away With Murder: The 5 Best Things Michaela Ever Did (& The 5 Worst)

Fans will never watch more episodes How to get away with murder?\r\n\r\n But its role will always linger in the mind. One of the best characters on the ABC show is the ambitious Michaela Pratt. From the beginning of the series, she is said to be the best of the Keating Five, always eager to impress Professor Annalize Keating the most.

Raised in a poor family by foster parents, Michaela always wanted more from life so she wanted to do everything to achieve success. Michaela’s love life is also a major plot point of the series. In pursuit of success and love, she did a number of good and bad things.

Best: Side with Aiden’s mother

For a while, Michaela and Aiden had a good relationship, but things quickly turned complicated. Part of the reason for this was Aiden’s mother’s indulgence. Mikaela gets mad when Aiden’s mother tries to get her to sign a marriage contract. The members of Keating 5 slapped Michaela in the face when she said bad things about Michaela’s difficult upbringing.

Michaela and Aiden eventually broke up, but his mother began begging her to come back to him to dispel any doubts about his gender. But Mikaela is tired of repressing her wild personality to fit into a perfect family. She refused, boldly saying: “I love you more!”

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Worst: Betrayal of Arthur

How to get rid of it Michaela and Marcus

Michaela cheated on Asher for a while How to get away with murder?cross event Scandal. Their relationship became fractured, Michaela often despised Asher’s mischief and jokes.

After Annalize asks Olivia Pope for help in a Supreme Court case, Michaela meets with press secretary Marcus. The two had a few drinks, and Michael admitted that Marcus was the man she’d always wanted: strong, confident, ambitious. She initiates a kiss and the two fall asleep together.

Best: Help Annalize Win Case Sadowski

Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt in How to Get Away with Murder

Michaela was looking forward to impressing Annalize in the pilot episode, which she did by helping her win a big case. The case involves Gina Sadowski, who is accused of trying to kill her boss and having an affair with her.

Gina’s boss accidentally took aspirin, a drug he is allergic to, leaving him disabled. Gina was charged with involvement. A key witness believed to have important information about the color of the pills was quickly exposed as a liar. This was after Michaela discovered at the last minute that the witness was colorblind.

Worst case scenario: Report Simon to ICE

Michaela in HTGAWM

Simon doesn’t match Keating V, but he doesn’t deserve it. The events leading up to his downfall began when he caught Michaela, Laurel, and Asher stealing the Antares drive from Caplan & Gold. Worse still, he accidentally shot himself, leaving him in a hospital bed.

In the hospital, he threatened to report Michaela and her friends to the police. Given that Simon is an undocumented immigrant from Pakistan, Michael sees this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. Simon is afraid to return to his hometown because he is part of the LGBTQ community. Sadly, Michaela reported Simon to ICE, which resulted in him being detained and subsequently deported.

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Keating 5 in HTGAWM

In the second episode of Season 1 titled “It’s All Her Fault,” Wes steps aside to talk to Annalize while the team is solving the Max St. Vincent. The students began to wonder what Wes was doing there. Asher goes on to hint that Wes must be related to Annalize.

This angered Michael, who called him out and told him that not all blacks are relatives. She added that if Wes was there, the only reason was because he was smart enough,

The worst: Help Arthur blame Catherine for the murder

Michaela and Asher in HTGAWM

While Annalize is solving a case for the Hapstall twins, Michaela falls in love with one of them, Caleb. After having sex, Caleb tells Mikaela how he found the weapon in Catherine’s workshop.

Later, Asher killed Sinclair and blamed Catherine for the murder. Even though Catherine is her boyfriend’s sister, Michael agrees to this ridiculous plan. Catherine has committed another crime, but this time she is innocent. Her behavior undermines her relationship with Caleb, causing them to break up.

Best: Denunciation of Connor

Oliver at HTGAWM

Oliver and Connor’s relationship deteriorates. Connor begins to find new people to help him get over Oliver. In season 3, episode 4, “Don’t Tell Annalize”, Mikaela notices Connor using a dating app in front of Oliver. She thought he was trying to provoke her, so she blamed him.

She tells him to pay attention to Oliver’s feelings. She told him that such behavior could ruin their chances of getting back together. Her advice seemed to work for Connor, as Connor stopped what he was doing and a few weeks later he and Oliver reconciled.

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The worst: Stealing money from customers

Michaela in HTGAWM

In Season 3, Annalize takes on the case of a man named Toby Solomon. He pays a prostitute to have sex and drug her. After drinking too much, she passed out and died. Around the same time, Michael was stressed after discovering his ex-boyfriend Aiden was engaged to Whitney.

Annalise and her team discovered that Toby had withdrawn $100.00 in bribes, at which point Michaela saw fit to steal $20,000 from him. Sadly, she didn’t even use the money for charity. She went to a casino and lost everything. Circumstances soon forced it to return. So she had to sell her engagement ring.

Best: Convincing Annalize to enlist Olivia Pope’s help

Crossover Rumors Facts

When Annalise lost the season 4 class-action lawsuit, it was Michaela who convinced her to ask Olivia Pope’s help. It turned out to be the right decision, as Olivia helped Annalise get through the Supreme Court. Olivia even let Annalize meet President Mellie Grant.

Annalize’s time on the Supreme Court proved to be one of the best moments of her career, as she delivered an incredible speech about race relations in America. The only downside is that Michaela met someone on Olivia’s team and she ended up cheating.

Worst case scenario: Browse Asher’s case history

Asher and Michaela in HTGAWM

During the first few seasons, Annalize always enjoyed her students competing with each other in class. This is how she raised the toughest lawyers. Students who come up with the best arguments are always rewarded.

When Asher lived in the school dormitory during the third season, Michaela visited him and the two slept together. When one of Asher’s friends called him from outside the room, Michaela noticed his medical records by the bed and began reading them, having an idea in her favor. Definitely not the best way to treat your boyfriend.

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