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If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Street Fighter 6 lets you get in on the action by creating your own custom character who learns the art of fighting from both iconic world warriors and a host of newcomers as you progress through World Tour mode. Each Master you commit to will unlock their own unique moves to add to your list of options by customizing your move set. You may think that meeting all the characters will happen naturally throughout the story, but you can still easily complete the entire mode without meeting most of the masters. Let us give you your first lesson by showing you how to sign up with each master in Street Fighter 6. How to sign up with each master

Each of the main characters included in the release of Street Fighter 6 is considered a master, resulting in a total of 18 to find. Some you’ll come across naturally while playing World Tour mode, but most are hidden or require you to complete certain optional objectives to find them. Here’s each master and how you can find them to learn their special moves. Luke You’ll automatically sign up with Luke when you start World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6. You can find and train with him at any time in Metro City at the warehouse marked on your map. Chin-LiChun-Lu is also impossible to miss as you progress through the story. Once you reach Chapter 2-1, your objective will be to finance Chun-Li in the Chinatown area of ​​the map. Once he finds her there, he can return to that location and train with her at any time. Marisa Later in the story, when you reach Chapter 3-3, your target will now be able to travel using the world map to reach the Colosseum. When you arrive, Marisa will be automatically introduced. Only after that he talks to her again to become her student. White. The big green beast Blanka can be missed, but only if you don’t bother exploring. Once you reach Chapter 6-1, Luke will unlock the Ranger’s Hut location on the world map. Not only will you be able to become a disciple of Blanka, but you will also get the Blanka Chan outfit. Dee Jay Also available in Chapter 6-1, Dee Jay is found in Bathers Beach. After the battle (whether you win or lose), you will be able to enroll with this master. LilyLily is the first crafty teacher you can sign up with. During Chapter 4-1, you need to complete a side quest called “The Spirit Guide”, which you can pick up from an NPC in Chinatown named Ana. After completing the quest, the Thunderfoot settlement will be unlocked on the world map. Go there, talk to some NPCs and Lily will arrive in a cutscene. When he’s done, he talks her into enrolling as a student. CammyCammy is also locked behind a side quest that you can complete during Chapter 7-1. The one in question is called “Special Unit Del-?” in Metropolitan City. Head to the subway to take the mission, complete it by clearing the subway and unlocking access to the stadium area on the west side of the map. After taking care of all the enemies in the center of the city, you can return to King Street through the world map to find Cammy and fight her. JamieJamie is a little hard to find. You have to be in Metro City overnight and go to the Chinatown alley. She will be in the middle of a fight, which will lead to her being introduced, after which you can climb the nearby ladder and go up to the roof to talk and train with him. KenAfter a long break, Ken will be the next indispensable teacher. When you reach Chapter 8-3, you will get the quest “The Elusive Former National Champion” which sends you to find Ken at the construction site. Once you’ve purchased the right helmet, you can head to the location and familiarize yourself with it.E. Honda Shortly after meeting Ken, E. Honda will appear in chapters 8-4 during the mission “Big in Japan”. Just head to the restaurant to meet the famous sumo star. You can find RyuRyu next to the Genbu Temple. Just go up and talk to him to start your training. Kimberly, also indispensable, Kimberly will be introduced during Chapters 8-7 during the “High Flying Man” mission. When the mission is over, she will be placed on the roof above your hideout. GuileAfter completing chapters 8 and 7, you can go learn from Guile by using the SiRN lab corner and talking to the NPC at the construction site. Get a mission to go to the aircraft carrier Byron Taylor. Go there, fight a bit and he will jump to help you. Manon After chapter 7-3, when the “Extra” side quest is unlocked in Metro City’s Beat Square, you will automatically be taken to the Fete Foraine. After Manon introduces herself, you can talk to her again to become a student. Dalsim. The Yoga Master can be found by doing the “Yoga Statue” quest available starting in Chapter 9. He Talks to Anik in Bayside Park in Metro City. He completes the quest to unlock the Dhalsimer Temple on the world map, where you can check in with Dhalsim. Zangief Zangief’s side quest also appears when you reach Chapter 9. This time you have to go to the stadium to find the quest “Tamo-tamo” from some fighters. Complete the quest and the Barmaley Ironworks will be added to your map. Jump in and meet the fighting master. Juri Unavailable until later in chapters 11-4, look for the side story “A Hard Adventure” in Govind’s Nayshall in the bazaar. You will have to wait until chapter 12 before you can fully complete this quest, but when you do, you can request to study with Yuri. JP The last master you will find can only be found after you have fully completed the World Tour. mode. Once you’re done, go to Old Nayshall at night and head to the entrance to the Suval’hal arena. JP will be there waiting by the stairs for someone to come call for help.

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