How to dive in Madden 22 and why you should

There’s nothing better than watching a running back or wide receiver leap toward the end zone pylon as defenders rush at them. It’s great in real life, and it’s great in it too Madden 22. Between all the different button commands and mechanics you can do before and after shooting, jumps are the simplest ball movement you can perform. So how to dive madden 22, and when is the best time to jump for extra yards?

How to dive in Madden 22

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It’s fourth and goal and the Tennessee Titans are down by five. With one play left, putting the ball in Derrick Henry’s hands is the logical choice. Even though Henry is the biggest and most dangerous bully in the league, he risks staying on the line of scrimmage and losing the game. While everyone on both sides expects Henery to force his way through the line, he has a different idea. He shoots, holds the ball and gets over the defensive line instead of breaking through it. Touchdown by Derrick Henry.

Dive Madden 22hold Square button (on PlayStation) or x (Xbox) while sprinting forward with the ball. Sprint with R2 (PS) or Right trigger (Xbox) opens up a wide variety of evasive movies, and one of them is diving.

Diving is based on risk and reward and should only be used when the game is on the line. Make sure you have a good and firm grip on the dive button. You don’t want to accidentally slip, costing your team valuable yards down the stretch mark. While gliding is often the safest bet, a fully extended dive could be the difference between a touchdown and a flip. So when and why should you take the plunge Madden 22?

The right and wrong time to dive in Madden 22

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Vick Ballard, running back for the 2012 Indianapolis Colts, catches a short pass from QB Andrew Luck. It’s overtime, and Ballard knows his team wins the game by scoring. He runs towards the end zone, jumps in the air and hands the ball over the goal line. The officials gather and call the winning score for the Colts.

Now, would the smarter move be to run beyond the confines of where he jumped? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean a score was guaranteed, especially from the top five against a stout Titan defense. IN Madden 22, you should jump toward the goal line in these situations regardless. In addition to going for a touchdown, you can dive to secure a first down. However, make sure you are diving in an open field and that no defenders are in your way. On that note, it’s better to gain more yards in the open field, especially if a first down is within reach.

Diving can save your skin in the late game, but it can also hurt you in the early stages, especially when it’s not necessary. In a rough 2020 season for the New England Patriots, WR N’Keal Harry decided to jump toward the goal line while the Pats were already leading against the Miami Dolphins. While in the air, Harry was hit by a defender and lost control of the soccer ball. The fumble went through the end zone, resulting in a touchback for the Miami Dolphins.

In this situation, Harry and Madden 22 players were supposed to slide to the ground or run off the field to put their team in a better position to score. Now, Harry and the Pats come away with nothing instead of at least three points.

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In addition to gaining yards, players can also make celebratory leaps into the end zone when there is no defender in sight. Just before you cross the finish line, launch into a spread eagle jump or spin like a corkscrew into the end zone.

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