How to create a shared world in Lego Fortnite and play with friends

Of all the collaborations Fortnite seen, no one is on the same level as Lego Fortnite. Unlike the traditional game, this is a pure PvE experience, not a Battle Royale, and it’s more like Minecraft a game where you try to survive, build and defeat enemies. But just because you won’t be fighting other players doesn’t mean you have to play alone. The game supports co-op with up to seven other friends, but gathering your crew works a little differently in the Lego Fortnite.

How to create a shared world

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The easiest way to get friends into your game is to do it right from the start Lego Fortnite. When you choose this game inside Fortnite press up on the controller’s D-pad or tab on your keyboard. It will be on the right Players menu, where you can select and invite anyone from your list to join you in the lobby.

Once as many or as few friends as you want are ready. choose Create a world > Start to create your own shared world.

How to invite friends

If you want to bring friends into a world you’ve already started yourself, the process is a little different.

Open your menu and go to Social tab. From here, simply find the friend you want to invite and decide to invite them to your party.

How to make friends. Key holders

Giving keys to players in Lego Fortnite.Epic games

In either case, it is important to note that if the one who created the world departs, all who are called into it will be cast out. If you want to give one of your friends the ability to continue playing in your world even when you’re not present, you need to make them a key holder. Whoever creates the world will have seven keys they can give out to allow players to continue playing on that server.

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For a friend to become a keyholder, they must already be on your server with you. From there, open your menu and go to Players tab. The bottom option next to Open your profile is Shares the key, with an indicator that tells you how much you have left. Select this option, followed by the friend(s) you want to assign keys to.

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