How to change loadout names in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Whether you’re teaming up with your friends to compete on a massive invasion map or trying to take over the world on your own in a few free-for-all matches, having the right workload is important in any situation. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II /internal link] answer. When the pace of a match suddenly changes or your team wants to try a different tactic, it’s imperative to switch to a new loadout before restarting. But was I loading up with stun grenades and the right mix of “Custom Loadout 3” or “Custom Loadout 6” perks? Take too long to review them, and your team could miss out on a good game-changing opportunity.

We recommend adding custom names to all your settings to switch faster between reboots. This is useful if you need to grab a sniper rifle for a bullet to take out campers or a load of extra lethal gear to rob a checkpoint.

Creating custom filler titles only takes a moment, but the mechanics are a bit hidden modern warfare II’not a great user interface. We’ll show you where to look.

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How to change load names

Custom Charges are locked before reaching Rank 4 modern warfare iiso make sure you meet that requirement before proceeding.

Step 1: In the center of the weapon, click multiplayer load.

Weapon Center in COD MWII.

Step 2 – Select the loadout slot you want to rename and then select odds button in the lower left corner of the screen.

call of duty modern warfare ii how to change loadout names cod mwii weapons

Step 3: In the sidebar that appears, select Rename.

Step 4 – Enter the name you want to give your custom upload. We recommend using some sort of abbreviation that includes a basic weapon, equipment, or perk, but you can also give it a fun name. When you have finished typing, select Save to block the name change.

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