How to Beat Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts

Golden Storm is a beautiful and deadly giant Kemono wild heart. The monster was a red tiger with golden powder flying around it. It is also arguably the most dangerous Kemono in the entire game, requiring strategy and practice. If the player intends to kill the Golden Storm, they will need to use every tool possible.

Golden Tempest’s attack Worse than Kingtusk or anything else wild heart Kemonos can be thrown at players, potentially killing them with a single hit. Its claws and fangs up close are useless, but the player is also unsafe at a distance. The golden storm manipulates the wind to throw players off balance and tear them apart. Its speed is unmatched, and it only comes close when ready to deliver the finishing blow. For most people, wild heart.

consider the golden storm wild heart With tornado-focused attacks and killer auras, it’s not surprising that the Beast is a wind attribute monster. Its main attribute weakness is Fire and Earth, in contrast to Goldshard Kemono of the same name wild heart. Freeze disease works well with all Lunge weapons against Golden Tempest.

The player may not survive the first battle with the Golden Tempest wild heart,Does not matter. Part of defeating this Kemono is learning how it attacks. The match was so tough that the official wild heart The YouTube channel posted a gameplay video of Golden Tempest teaching players how to fight monsters.

Most attacks against Golden Storm should be done at long range, hidden behind Karakuri if possible. Multiplayer helps keep Kemono focused while other players use some wild heart‘A powerful late game weapon.

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Speaking of weapons, the creators have listed three weapons they think are the best to use in their video. wild heart Fight the golden storm. Claw Blade allows the player to hover around Kemono, move fast and stay high. The cannon allows the player to keep their distance and rush straight into the golden storm. Ultimately, the diversity of the Karakuri Scepter means that players can think for themselves and turn the tide of battle.

As for Karakuri, Celestial Cannon Karakuri can save time by dealing damage from a distance. Bulwark Karakuri is the best Karakuri against the golden storm and uses various Karakuri wild heart Will be the difference between victory and death. Although it will take some time, wild heart Will be one of the greatest victories a player can achieve.

Source: YouTube/Wild Heart

  • Wild Heart game poster wild heart

    Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Steam, Epic Games Store

    Release time: 2023-02-17

    Developer: Omega Force

    Publisher: Electronic Arts

    Genre: Action Role Playing

    Multiplayer: Online Co-op

    Engine: Katana Engine


    How long to beat: 41 hours

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