How to assemble the best squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is all about free heroes. After the release of numerous DLC expansions until 2020, there are now 46 playable characters in the game. Each comes with unique skills and attributes that will determine their effectiveness on the team. Disney+ hit series WandaVision brings Marvel fans back to the franchise they fell in love with over the past decade. Ultimate Alliance 3 entertains gamers on the Nintendo Switch, while marvel avengers, on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, continues the upward trend with its fans.

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The “best” heroes

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As mentioned, none of the 46 heroes are inherently better than the others. They are simply different. However, once you get through the second chapter, you will have 20 heroes unlocked. This means you have a surplus of heroes to choose from. At this point, all unlocked heroes are about the same level. This is your time to start building your squad to level up through the remaining eight chapters. Here are a few heroes you’ll unlock in Chapter 2 that we think you should consider adding to your squad.

Hulk: Our favorite tank in the game, the Hulk is unmatched when it comes to physical damage. He may move slower than some agile heroes, but he can take a beating and deliver even stronger punches. Plus, it’s really fun to smash and throw enemies around as the Hulk.

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Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales: All three Spidey heroes have similar attacks and abilities. You unlock Spider-Man first, but the teenagers will be unlocked soon after. All three are fast, agile and can play mostly above the ground. Of the three, Spider-Man is the most traditional. Spider-Gwen has the best defense thanks to her bending abilities, while Miles Morales deals electrical elemental damage with his abilities. You can’t go wrong with any of the three, but it’s smart to have one on your team.

Scarlet Witch: As a support hero, the Scarlet Witch can create areas that slow down enemies. He’ll also learn a useful healing ability when advanced enough, so if you find yourself using up those three revives, a healer is a great option.

If you follow our recommendations, that leaves you with one slot to fill by the time you reach the end of Chapter Two. The Hulk, Spidey, and Scarlet Witch will cover your bases. For the fourth hero, maybe choose an all-around tough character like Captain America or Thor.

Add new heroes to the mix

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After chapter two, you won’t be adding new heroes to the Alliance as often, but you’ll pick up a couple each level up until chapter eight. If you’ve stuck with the same team of heroes from the start, chances are they’re at or around the recommended level. But if you’ve been testing heroes, you might have one or two that aren’t where they should be in level. If you’re having a hard time, it’s best to add the newest hero to your team. In any case, the newly recruited heroes were at least one or two levels higher than our highest level hero.

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If you will be changing heroes frequently during the campaign, we recommend keeping at least two constants in your team. The reason for this is that if you change your entire team at every checkpoint, all of your characters will be underleveled.

Use XP cubes/infinite trials to level up heroes

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You can combat the problem of low-level heroes by using XP cubes found in the campaign to instantly level up heroes. Additionally, if you decide later in the game that you want to play as a hero who is seriously low level, you can do so. They’ll just need more than XP dice to be battle ready. Completing Infinity Trials — challenges unlocked mid-campaign — can quickly level up a hero. Additionally, you can play scenarios more suited to their level and move on.

Team bonuses

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There are 29 team affiliations Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, with only two members to as many as 12 members. Each character has four team affiliations. In the hero selection menu, you can check all team bonuses as well as your team’s active bonuses. Having two to four characters from one affiliation on your team gives stat boosts. Our current team of Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man gets four bonuses in six stat categories. These stat boosts go as high as 10 percent with some connections.

While we don’t recommend building your team based on these stat bonuses, if you’re struggling against a boss, check your bonuses, negotiate with your team to get more bonuses, and try again. Sometimes you just need a little extra strength or vitality to get over the hump.

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Once you’ve completed the campaign and spent time maxing out all of your heroes, the stat boosts that team affiliations give you will be more important when it comes to building the absolute best team possible to make it through Superior difficulty.

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