How Much Is Davido Endorsement With Martell? Deal Explained

DAVIDO ADELEKE is one of the best-selling celebrities on planet Earth.

And that’s why PUMA, 1xBet, Martell, PlayStation and other brands pay him millions of dollars to represent their brand.

The 29-year-old Nigerian star was in Paris, France, walking down Paul Firino Martell Cognac Avenue.

Martell Cognac has appointed label owner and singer David as its ambassador to change its strategy to reach younger consumers and boost the influence of French culture in Africa.

But it comes at a high price as the most backed contract in Nigeria.

but the question is

How much does Davido’s support cost at Martell?

Davido’s incredible contract with Martell sees him receive a whopping €12 million and includes some hefty bonuses for the African superstar.

But the amount was not disclosed by Davido or Martell, it’s just a rumor amount; many said it was more than that, but we don’t think so based on our research.

Add in David’s other endorsement deals, as PUMA’s global brand ambassador and renowned bookmaker, 1xBet, and his earnings for 2021 were massive.

His earnings for doing his job, just playing music.

The child is blessed. We will update this article once Martell’s or David’s lawyers respond.

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