How many episodes are there in The Winter King? Details explored

MGM+ is bringing a brand new series called The Winter King, which is a rivetting spin of the legend of King Arthur. The new fantasy drama will explore the life of King Arthur while giving some dramatic twists to the story.

Set during the Dark Ages of the fifth century, the series follows the rise of Arthur Pendragon. He is the exiled and illegitimate son of the powerful King Uther, and the series will show the challenges that he had to face in a Britain that was divided into tribes and factions.

The Winter King will be a 10-episode series adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s trilogy of novels. It is scheduled to make its debut on August 20, 2023, on the MGM streaming platform.

The Winter King will be adapting the story of Bernard Cornwell’s The Warlord Chronicles

Release date and time

The legend of King Arthur has had numerous adaptations over time. However, The Winter King stands out from all the previous adaptations by taking the story from Cornwell’s The Warlord Chronicles. What is special about this adaptation is that the story is narrated from Derfel’s perspective, which allows the audience to experience a distinctively different retelling of the King Arthur legend.

The Winter King is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, August 20, at 12 am ET on MGM+ via Amazon Channels and direct streaming. The series will air new episodes every week, which are scheduled to drop on the MGM+ streaming platform at 9 pm ET/PT.

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As stated above, there are 10 episodes in season 1, but there is no confirmation regarding whether or not it is a limited series. This means that viewers can hope that the historical drama will continue beyond the first season.

Plot and trailer

Set in the Dark Ages, The Winter King sees Arthur Pendragon exiled as the illegitimate son of High King Uther. He eventually becomes a fierce warrior and respected leader. One day, Merlin comes to him to say that he is the only man who can unite Britain. As Arthur enters into a war in his former homeland, he is faced with many challenges, especially as Britain remains divided into warring tribes and factions, while Arthur is aware that every battle will be deadly and bloody.

The trailer opens with Merlin telling Arthur that he needs to return to fight to save Britain because the nation is in peril and split into multiple factions who are at each others’ throats. The clip then explores some of the background details about how Arthur is exiled and has no family or nation. With a few quick glimpses at the battles and wars that await Aurther, the trailer gives the viewers a gist of what to expect from the series.


Who stars in the MGM series?

The Winter King cast is led by Iain De Caestecker, who plays Arthur in the new series. Caestecker is a well-known television actor famous for his role as Fitz on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is joined by Stuart Campell, who plays Derfel, the warrior who fights alongside Arthur. He is also the narrator of the series.

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They are joined by Nathaniel Martello-White, who plays Merlin, the man who brings Arthur into battle with his plans to unite Britain. Eddie Marsan plays Arthur’s father, High King Uther, while Jordan Elexandra plays Guinevere and Elle James is seen as the priestess Nimueh. Other than them, Daniel Ings will be seen as Uther’s champion Owain, with Ken Nwosu appearing as Sagramor, a Roman army veteran and follower of Arthur.

The main cast is joined by Andrew Gower, Valene Kane, Simon Merrells, Steven Elder, Aneirin Hughes, Emily John, Tatjana Nardone, Billy Postlethwaite, and Enoch Frost, who have been cast in supporting roles.

Catch The Winter King this weekend on MGM+.

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