How Captain America 4 Could Break The MCU Timeline Teased By New Anthony Mackie Interview

star anthony mackie was last updated when Captain America: Brave New World This setting only adds to the confusion about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s timeline. Avengers: Game over, the MCU’s ability to decipher the timeline becomes more difficult. With the addition of more Disney+ shows by Marvel Studios, the timeline will only become more complicated when combined with themed releases, unless each project’s story involves an event. Easy-to-place MCUs (such as The Blip).

in an interview inverseAnthony Mackie talks about recently renamed movie Captain America: Brave New World. The movie is basically a sequel to the Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter SoldierMcKee revealed “[Brave New World] Then Sam returned to the question “How do I get into this superhero world?” While an update on when the movie fits into the timeline is being refreshed, it’s frustrating that Marvel Studios hasn’t clarified the MCU’s chronology, with recent Disney+ shows making things awkward. more difficult to understand.

The Secret Invasion Confuses Sam Wilson’s Captain America 4 Update

This confusion comes from Secret invasion. exist Captain America: Brave New WorldIt has been confirmed that Thunder Ross, played by Harrison Ford, will replace the late William Hurt as President of the United States. However, secret invasion To make it clear that it is not, the President of the United States – President Ritson – is played by Dermot Mulroney. Adding to the confusion, it’s been two years since The Falcon and the Winter Soldierpossible meaning secret invasion The story takes place at the same time after Sam Wilson becomes the Captain of the MCU.

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It should be pointed out that Anthony Mackie may not be the best source of information on the Marvel Universe timeline, a fact he might consider: brave new world is the sequel The Falcon and the Winter Soldier literally. It can be seen naturally that several years have passed between the two. brave new world As with Sam’s debut, McKee’s comment doesn’t take into account Marvel Cinematic Universe projects released in between. Regardless, the update is still confusing due to the events secret invasionthough the timetable hopefully becomes clearer with the release date Captain America 4 has come close.

When does Captain America: Brave New World premiere?

Captain America 4 with Betty and Thunderbolt

That being said, there is a possibility Captain America: Brave New World set up soon after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier As McGee said. secret invasionThe plot and characters of “The Blip” reference quite a lot, which means it makes sense for the movie to be set shortly after half of the universe returns from Earth. Avengers: Game overThis would explain the use of President Ritson in the show and also McKee’s comment that if secret invasion set up in The Falcon and the Winterwelder And brave new world.

These three projects will probably be implemented within a few months, brave new world Appointed Ross as president after the incident secret invasion.But at this point, it’s hard to know when the different MCU projects are set, because each release since then Avengers: Game over He was frustratingly silent when it came to the chronology. It would be welcome if Marvel Studios released an official Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline guide just like the other Disney series. Star Wars timeline. Regardless, fans will have to wait Captain America: Brave New World will be released in theaters in 2024 to secure its place in the MCU timeline.

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