How can AI make filmmaking ‘incredible’? Watch viral video

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a big part of our lives. From its use in our phones to home appliances and beyond, the power that AI has is simply not to be ignored. While artificial intelligence is slowly changing several things around us, have you ever thought about how it would affect filmmaking? If not, let us show you. A video that is going viral presents how artificial intelligence can change the scenario of filmmaking.

Comparison of AI tools. (Reddit)

In a video shared on Reddit, you can see a comparison between two AI tools – Midjourney and Runway. The clip shows how a person selects a certain area of ​​the image and it instantly turns into an animation.

This video was shared on Reddit by user pluto_N. In the caption of the post, the user wrote: “AI and filmmaking are about to get amazing.”

Watch the video here:

This video was shared three days ago. Since it was posted, it has gone viral with close to 5,000 views. The stock also received numerous comments.

Check out what people are saying about it here:

The individual wrote: “AI is like a double-edged sword.”

Another commented: “Imagine what a small short film studio can achieve with this type of tool.”

“This is amazing and terrifying at the same time,” added a third.

A fourth said, “It’s so beautiful.”

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