How a police deputy talks to a cute little owl trying to save him

Once, two police officers were driving their cars on a dusty highway in Boulder, Colorado. Then two police officers noticed a small creature in the middle of the highway. As they got closer, the officers saw that it was an adorable and sweet owl.

Apparently, the little owl got lost and panicked in the middle of the highway, so the officer got out of the car and tried to help the owl.

One of the policemen went to the little owl and said to her, “Hi, what’s going on?”


The little owl gave an answer to the officer who was talking to the owl, and the owl started to turn around, causing the officer to start laughing.

Again the owl said “hello” and the little owl’s eyes widened, as if the owl had understood and listened carefully and carefully.


At that point, the officer stopped taking pictures and video and tried to help the owl out of the way and they did, the little creature escaped.

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