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Become a silent assassin and complete murder missions in the game “Hitman GO”. You will enter the world of assassination in the most secret missions assigned to secret agents. They are professionals and only accept challenging tasks. Not because the agents are arrogant, but because they have the right to show it off. The work they are engaged in is very dangerous and just a little careless will fail. So challenge your potential to be an agent with missions. Complete the killing challenge and become the best assassin ever.

A person who is trained to be an agent and does the most professional work, meaning you can ignore everything around you and aim to get the job done. You will also not feel emotional when performing the most dangerous missions. All of this comes from skills that are practiced and used to take down every enemy. The tasks your employees take on are always scattered across different environments. However, both require important observational skills, and one mistake can cost you. Become an agent and use your well-trained skills to complete the mission.

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A talented agent always uses his full ability to complete the assigned task. Even if you fail, you can use this to make another plan. But to fluently switch between categories, an agent must go through many different tasks. The experience gained from the mission will make it easier for the agent to deal with later. When targets appear, you will have to use the abilities of each agent to take them down quickly. Your style of duty as an agent will be shaped through the levels. For example, take on an assassin mission, act quietly or forcefully, become an outstanding agent.

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assassin agent

You are a model mafia agent and accept any mission without hesitation. Your mission is to destroy the people in the mission, at the same time you have to watch out for other enemies. It’s hard work, but not when you’re an assassin agent. You can carry a variety of weapons on you to deal with different situations. Enemies in your quest will not expect that you can use so many weapons. But you can’t break into the enemy’s lair either; you have to think about the situation. Instead, use your surroundings to outwit your enemies and continue your mission as an assassin agent.

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agent style

The schedule of a lawyer like yours is always filled with complex tasks. Completing the program will shape your assassin style as an agent. In any situation, you can be the silent assassin with a mysterious style. Break through enemy defenses and take down bosses with a single bullet. Or you can become a mighty assassin and storm the enemy base. Each surrogacy requires different skills and practice to get the style you want. Complete missions and earn a reputation for the fighting style of the agents you control.

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Agent’s Duties

Enemies in your quests are always guarding where they congregate. Agents like you don’t want to waste time fighting them and just focus on the leader. Instead, you’ll use alternate moves to fool your opponent when it’s your turn. It can also help agents camouflage in places where it is difficult for enemies to see and see the situation. If you make noise and lure enemies away, they will lose focus. When they get distracted, your agents decide to go on a mission. The top task is the most important thing the agent is trying to accomplish.

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Hitman GO mod apk

A new agent is born and ready to take on the most difficult tasks. You lose love because you want to be a secret agent and always put the mission first. And this also makes you different from other assassins, taking on many missions. The fighting style you use with agents is also different and subject to change. But, of course, you always prioritize your tasks so you can proceed with each one with confidence. Unfortunately, irregularities that go against the plan only help you practice. Download Hitman GO mod to become a secret agent and perform every assassination mission.

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