Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia, Photo, Age

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia, Photo, Age

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia, Photo, Age – If you want to know about Hiromi Rollins, then you must read this article till the end.

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Hiromi Rollin, who was born in 1963 and is of Japanese descent, is well-known for being Alain Delon’s partner. When Alain Delon revealed her as his companion in an interview with Paris Match in June 2021, she emerged from the shadows. On July 1, 2021, on TV5 Monde, viewers learn his face during an interview with the celebrity and journalist Cyril Viguier. Before Hiromi’s stroke in 2019, he was already seeing her, according to his secrets. She has been actively involved in his recovery, he says.

A close friend of the celebrity says that their friendship predates his health concerns by several years. He says that Alain Delon and Hiromi would have crossed paths in 1992 while working on the set of the movie Casanova’s Return.

Hiromi was revealed to have worked in the film industry as the second assistant director for the major motion picture. The mother of Anouchka and Alain-Fabien Delon and a Dutch model named Rosalie Van Breemen are currently dating the actor. In the years that follow, they re-connect on other sets as friends, with Hiromi serving as the second or third assistant on a number of French feature films. They start dating as they progressively fall for one another.

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia, Photo, Age

She moved into the actor’s home in Douchy, in the Loiret, while owning a home nearby Suresnes.

Anthony, Anouchka, and Alain-Fabien Delon complained about Hiromi Rolin to the Montargis prosecutor’s office on July 5, 2023. They charge him with moral harassment, taking advantage of their father’s vulnerability, stealing their father’s correspondence, and animal mistreatment toward his dog. Alain Delon joins the grievance as well. Hiromi Rolin is asked in writing by the actor to vacate her Douchy home.

Hiromi Rollin Photo & Age

Alain Delon : qui est Hiromi Rollin, sa « dame de compagnie » accusée  d'être « agressive et dénigrante » ? - Le ParisienHiromi Rollin Photo & Age

2 Hiromi RollinHiromi Rollin Photo & Age

3 Hiromi RollinHiromi Rollin Photo & Age

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