Hidden word in AI-generated optical illusion surprises people. Can you spot it in 5 seconds?

People are often fascinated by optical illusions, and this is probably because they challenge one’s perception of reality. These stunning images play with people’s minds, encouraging them to question what they see. One example is this visual shared by X. What makes the image even more interesting is that it was created using an AI art generator.

Optical illusion: What word is hidden in this image generated by artificial intelligence? (X/@Rainmaker1973)

User X Massimo shared the image with a caption that read: “A type of optical illusion used in pictures for centuries, now brought to life by AI,” User X added, “Squint or hold your phone away, you’ll see a hidden message.”

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The shared image shows a nondescript scene showing a group of well-dressed people walking down a road. However, there is a hidden word in it.

Do you have what it takes to spot a word in five seconds?

The post was shared a few hours ago. Since then, she has collected more than 75,000 likes, and the numbers are only growing. The share additionally collected almost 500 likes. People posted different comments as they reacted to the share.

What did X users say about this optical illusion?

“It’s a hidden message to humanity that in the future we all have to obey artificial intelligence,” user X posted.

“Close your eyes half way, you’ll see magic,” suggested another.

“The optical illusion you’re talking about is called anamorphosis. It’s a technique used in art for centuries, where distorted images look normal when viewed from a certain angle or with a special device, such as a mirror or squint. With advances in artificial intelligence, artists can now create digital versions of anamorphic art, enabling new and innovative ways to hide messages or create visual illusions,” shared a third.

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“This is amazing, but also a little scary,” wrote a fourth.

What do you think of this optical illusion generated by artificial intelligence?

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