Hey Apple, please sell me an Apple Watch without a strap

I can buy a band without an Apple Watch, so why can’t I buy an Apple Watch without a band? Of course, selling the Apple Watch without a strap is a perfect continuation of Apple’s recent eco-friendly effort to rid the world of unnecessary chargers. He took them out of the Apple Watch box and will reportedly do the same for the upcoming iPhone 12 packaging.

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I imagine there are many Apple Watch owners who have a small collection of Apple Watch bands because they buy multiple models and change the look with mid-cycle band upgrades, and maybe don’t want to add another Sport Loop when they go to buy a new Watch SE or Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch is an established product and, at this point, another strap for some is as redundant as another charger.

Tied with a belt

There are currently 69 different straps available for purchase separately through Apple. Search Amazon and there are thousands of results when you plug in “strap for Apple Watch,” with prices ranging from less than $10 to over $600. From Casetify to Nomad, many iPhone case companies also make bracelets. Plus, there are plenty of cool custom straps to discover, like the funky band Noomoon, those from famous fashion brands like Coach and Kate Spade, and even watchmakers like Shinola.

Another Apple Watch strap for some is as redundant as another charger.

The choice is huge, and Apple’s foresight means that although the bands are attached to the case using a proprietary system, all Apple Watch bands are compatible with all Apple Watch models, provided they are the same case size. This means that if you own a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2, the band will fit the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6.

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No matter how many Apple Watch models you’ve owned over the past few years, we’re willing to bet you have at least one more band for each. It is the easiest way to completely change the appearance of your watch, but also to extend its life. I have several Apple Watch bands, and among them there are favorites. When I get a new Apple Watch, I’ll often just put on the band I want and wear it with it.

When I upgrade, I upgrade for the Apple Watch — not the Apple Watch band.

Experience outside the box

But what about that magical experience outside the box? Wouldn’t that wonderful moment when you take out your Apple Watch and attach it to your wrist for the first time be completely ruined while you fumble around looking for a strap to attach it to? Certainly, for the first owner, not including the belt would be like not putting tires on a new car, but for anyone upgrading, it wouldn’t be a problem.

apple-watch-box.jpg?fit=1500%2C1000&p=1Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Why? When you buy an Apple Watch, the strap itself is already packaged separately in another box. The Apple Watch case isn’t attached at all, which means you have to install the band from the get-go anyway. That’s not a problem, because it teaches new owners how easy it is to change them. No fiddling with quick release studs like a standard watch strap. Instead, pressing a button unlocks the strap and slides it off the case. It takes seconds, and every band made for the Apple Watch works the same way.

And of course, Apple could easily give you the option to buy a watch without a strap, even if you leave it as default. Adding the option to buy the Apple Watch without a strap wouldn’t even require creating new packaging.

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Are you following in the footsteps of the watch industry?

Apple listened and learned from the watch industry when it made the Apple Watch, so would it be in line with watchmakers to decide to ditch the strap and just sell the case itself? In other words, can I buy a traditional watch without a strap?

Straps are often an integral part of a watch’s design. For example, when you buy a Casio G-Shock, the bracelet is very much part of the watch, and although some models are sold with replaceable bracelets, most owners will keep the strap that was fitted during their ownership. I checked with Tag Heuer and Hublot and was told that neither brand sells watches without a strap. Swiss watch manufacturer Edox told me that it has never sold a watch without a strap and has no interest in doing so.

apple-watch-series-6-blue-sport-band.jpg?fit=1500%2C1000&p=1Apple Watch Series 6 with blue sports band Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Alpina Watches — which includes both the Alpina and Frederique Constant brands that make smartwatches in addition to traditional timepieces — told me the company doesn’t sell watches without a strap or bracelet, and expanded on the reasons why.

“In our industry, and especially in our brands, we have a multitude of watch cases and it would be difficult for consumers to find the perfect strap to match the watch case,” I was told. “The watch is a luxury accessory, and the strap is completely part of the design of the set. Sometimes you can have a perfect watch case and dial, but if you put on an ugly strap, then the thing becomes ugly too.”

This perfectly sums up the reason why traditional watch manufacturers don’t sell watch cases without a strap, and why Apple would have less trouble doing so. Because as explained, Apple Watch bands fit all models. As for attractiveness, well, that’s in the eye of the beholder — and if you care about looks, chances are you’d rather put your band on the Apple Watch because you like it a lot more than the stock bands that come with them by default.

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What about the price?

Apple bundles the basic Sport Band, Sport Loop and Solo Loop with its cheapest Apple Watch models, but charges extra if you want one of its flashier bands, including the new Braided Solo Loop. If Apple has released a cheap strap with the Apple Watch, it is realistic to expect a slight price reduction. It’s unlikely to be the $50 you’d normally pay for a Sport Band, but $20 seems possible.

Apple Watch fans with an existing supply of bands who save money upfront on the new strapless model would surely end up going back to Apple to buy more bands.

apple-watch-se-black-leather-strap.jpg?fit=1500%2C1000&p=1Apple Watch SE with a black leather strap from Southern Straps. Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

That would mean the cheapest Apple Watch SE starts at $259. That’s already a great value, but saving a little more may further encourage owners of early Apple Watch models to upgrade to the new model. Apple already offers plenty of choice in its Watch lineup, including niche versions like its ultra-expensive Hermés models, and a watch-only option would serve a similarly dedicated niche.

Apple said that removing the charging pad from the Apple Watch’s box was another attempt to reduce its overall environmental impact, and rightfully so, as the aluminum watch is made from 100% recycled metal. Providing an option for just a strapless watch would fit in nicely, giving an extra incentive to those on the verge of upgrading. It might even save us longtime Apple Watch supporters a little money. It’s really hard to see the downside.

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