Henry Cavill Wasn’t Fired From Superman, Says James Gunn

James Gunn Responds to allegations of Henry Cavill’s firing Last year was a contentious year for DC, as Warner Bros. discovered that the company had made adjustments to its roadmap in previous years. Cancel HBO Max bat girl Although filming has been completed, the film has caused a storm in Hollywood. Then came Cavill’s return as Superman with a cameo black adam. The studio’s plan is to get Cavill ready Iron Man 2, in the early stages of development. But after DC Studios officially launched, Gunn confirmed that Cavill’s time as Superman was over. The co-CEO revealed that he is working on a new movie. superman Won’t be in a Cavill movie.

The news drew mixed reactions online, and Gunn has had to deal with the aftermath of Cavill’s Superman’s exit ever since. Many believed that the British star was fired by Gunn, but that is not the case. rant . screen Joining the rest of the press at a special DC Studios event, Gunn revealed some of the upcoming DCU rosters. One of the topics that came up was Cavill’s situation. Gunn emphasized that neither Cavill nor Ben Affleck are part of the new DCU. In Cavill’s case, he was never fired, but neither was he hired to play Superman in Gunn’s film. As Gunn explained, the deal that Cavill never appeared in another DC movie:

All I can tell you right now is, really, Henry and Ben are not part of this universe. It should also be said that Henry Cavill was not fired. Henry wasn’t hired to be Superman in the Superman movies. There was never a deal for another movie there.

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Everything New About James Gunn’s Superman Reboot

In the same press conference, it was confirmed that the new superman Reboot will start DCU.titled Superman: LegacyThe DCU part officially hits theaters on July 11, 2025. Gunn is still writing the script and according to co-executive Peter Safran, he wants the director to take the helm. Superman: Legacy. Despite countless rumors circulating, no one has yet been cast for the lead role.

For DC Studios, the story of the script comes before they even begin the casting process for any of the DCU movies. Superman: Legacy The release date is set for the summer of 2025 and production probably won’t begin until late 2023 or sometime 2024. It is also said that many Hollywood blockbusters go through multiple copies. draft before finalizing the script. In addition, the position of the director is something they have to calculate in advance. Superman: Legacy Even start looking for the next Iron Man.

While Cavill may no longer be wearing the iconic red and blue suit, there’s always the possibility that he’ll join DCU as a newcomer. While it wasn’t directly mentioned this week, Gunn could always find another role for Cavill in the upcoming universe. Time will tell if Cavill will return to the superhero genre, as he is currently in development. war hammer Amazon TV shows. As the progress of 2023, more details about Gunn will ideally start to emerge Superman: Legacy Movie.

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