Healthy gut: Giulia Enders talks about her fondness for Kimchi

Dear Mrs. Enders, isn’t Ferment actually a grandmother-method from the post-war period? Even urururur excellent method. Fermented foods have been around for a long time

Dear Mrs. Enders, isn’t Ferment actually a grandmother-method from the post-war period?

Even urururur excellent method. Fermented foods have existed for a long time in all cultures of the world: sauerkraut, yogurt, olives, mustard, pickles, cheese, Kimchi, Natto, and so on. Instead of leaving food for the bad spoiling microbes, get it when you ferment the good microbes, so it’s no longer viable.

Why are microbes cute?

Because they produce something good that we can’t: vitamins, for example. Sauerkraut also contains more vitamin C, therefore, as in raw white cabbage, sauerkraut is made. Fiber and acids are good for the bowels and mucous membranes. In addition, bacteria us anverdauen eat less time, so that for us people, is easier, is the raw plant Split.

What happens in the body?

There are bacteria at work that might do well with an acidic environment, and acid survival also tends to weigh on our stomachs. This can be healthy – or it can also lead to bloating and rapid defecation. There is little about the amount and the microbe.

to ferment them yourself?

My sister and I fermented white cabbage into sauerkraut for the first time a couple of years ago and we were surprised at how easy it was.

original recipe from Korea: Kimchi – Korean sauerkraut full screen

Cornucopia of flavors

knows The taste of Kimchi knows no bounds. Mrs. Park, radish and spring onion, sliced ​​garlic and onion, chili, of course (and not too strong), and even apples (round Savoybetting and yellow) Korean pears. All the ingredients are finely mixed, grated or chopped, and together with the addition of a little water and rice porridge, the salted and then washed cabbage is packed in a Würzschlamm between each leaf; so that the hair is brushed when dyeing individual strands of hair.

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Can something go wrong?

wrong bacteria to grow If it’s too early to fast, then it can sit to ferment. Then it’s slimy or weird alcohol – like things that are just bad. Another source of error is if the vegetables are not sufficiently covered with liquid and mold. Our body is like a reliable measurement: If someone thinks ua when you see or smell: och nö, then try it again. Fermented even tastier, you can spoon it to the next filling, and it has a good chance, which the same team of microbes is working on.

What happens if you heat sauerkraut?

in an interview with the author of “intestine with charm” Enders, “I almost got homesick” Kester Schlenz

Vitamin C, the bacteria have kindly made their way, and it breaks down when the velvet of the bacteria is heated to a large extent. Since sauerkraut traditionally has a certain vitamin C content, it has to be added to the pasteurized weed in the supermarket at the end of the synthetic vitamin C. Not bad, but a bit funny.

Kimchi is also a success here?

Kimchi is on the rise. Korean restaurants in Berlin have been doing well for several years. In Hamburg I like to sit in my favorite Korean and see how often Kimchi is on the counter. Then the owner sometimes sighs and says: Now the whole load is as it is, it tastes even better when it ferments for a few days longer.

you sound so excited. Would you invite your dog to Kimchi?

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Perhaps the more friendly kind, which makes Kimchi – and white Ella or Sakei spontaneously drive me away. Sound but cute.

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