He is threatening with sanctions imposed on Iraq after expelling the American troops,

The American president, when he threatens sanctions against Iraq, since the Iraqi parliament, American troops based in that country, would like to leave. If it was

The American president, when he threatens sanctions against Iraq, since the Iraqi parliament, American troops based in that country, would like to leave. If that were to actually happen, Baghdad would have to pay the cost of the air force base, according to Trump.

“We have a very expensive series that’s worth billions of dollars. We’re not going to walk away before that amount of money has to be repaid,” the president told reporters aboard Air Force One on Sunday. “If Iraq asks us to leave, we will not be friends with each other, and then we have such severe penalties that it is against Iran, with a friendly view.”

threatened Trump on Saturday, even with expanded sanctions against Iran, if that country experiences the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, it will backfire.

The international coalition to stop the fight against JE that the Law on the expulsion of US military forces is effective only if Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi signs it. The Prime Minister has indicated that he will do so.

The US military has been present in Iraq since 2014 to fight the terrorism of the Islamic State (IS). There are currently about five thousand US military personnel in the country, mostly in the Iraqi army that is being trained.

A few minutes after the announcement of the outcome of the vote in Parliament, it turned out that the international coalition against terrorism, the fight against HAS, was temporarily suspended. The troops will focus on protecting US, British and other forces at US bases.

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The development comes during a tumultuous weekend in the Middle East, when Iranian General Soleimani, a senior Iraqi military leader and six others were killed by a US drone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Friday.

Iran will gain from the deal, Iran, which on Sunday withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, is and will be agreed upon limits on uranium enrichment are no longer respected.

in Germany, France and Great Britain, Iran asked in a joint statement to keep the agreement in line. The three European countries emphasized the importance of reducing tensions in the region, as well as the joint fight against IS.

The agreement between Iran and world powers USA, China, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Germany, will be closed in 2015.

Tens of thousands of Iranians may accept Soleimani’s body for his return, PM wants US forces out

now, In Iraq, as well as Soleimani’s opponents disappointed, because a sudden drone attack was carried out on Iraqi territory, and also because of the appearance that the country is again in a new conflict – the estimated introduction is.

as interim prime minister, Abdul Mahdi, the Iraqi parliament earlier, to end the US military presence in Iraq.

The coalition will suspend the fight against IS until The US-led international coalition against terrorism did on Sunday, you know, the operation suspended their military in Iraqi bases to better protect them.

from drone attacks in Iran and the United States and various threats. It should be feared that the military bases, the United States and its allies in the region will be the target of retaliation and that it will be.

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When the American president opposed the liquidation of Soleimani with the argument that the general was an attack on American interests, he stated. He said this during the war to try to prevent it.

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