Harry Potter: 10 Things You Never Knew About Fantastic Beast’s Abernathy

this Where are the wonderful beasts The franchise could have welcomed the return of some famous figures like Dumbledore and Lemaire. However, it also expands the wizarding world and introduces some interesting new players. Abernathy probably won’t star in the two installments of the series, but he could play a bigger role as the story goes on.

Because he rarely appears on the screen, the audience does not know much about this character. It is clear that he is firmly entrenched in the wizarding world of America and has decided to join the ranks of Grindelwald. However, there are a few other important details about the character that could be very helpful as his storyline continues.

Role in MACUSA

The Magical Congress of the United States of America is the equivalent of the Ministry of Magic across the pond. This is an important organization in the wizarding world and Abernathy is known to be involved in the campaign. In fact, he even starred in the first season Where are the Fantastic Beasts?

He works as a supervisor or manager at the Wand Licensing Office. This is the agency that licenses magicians and witches to use their enchanting equipment in the United States. Interestingly, he seems to have a rivalry with one of his agents, Tina Goldstein.

Working closely with Percival Graves

Percival Graves knelt beside the casket

Abernathy showed a clear respect for authority when interacting with Percival Graves. The superintendent is always accompanied by his senior officers, and of course, it turns out that he is Grindelwald working for MACUSA, using the Polyjuice Potion for disguise.

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The two worked closely together, a relationship that was likely formed during his time with Graves, as Abernathy subsequently went on to serve Grindelwald. It makes perfect sense that Abernathy has always known himself to be Grindelwald, which explains his slight fear of authority figures.

love for the queen

Queenie's Enchanting Face of Jacob in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Often, magicians are drawn into the darkness due to internal conflicts that they cannot fully resolve. For Abernathy, it could be his feelings of jealousy and incompetence. Apparently he has feelings for Tina’s sister, Queenie.

While this might explain some of his nonchalant behavior towards Tina, it could also explain why he joined Grindelwald. After all, it would be quite a blow if Queenie rejected his feelings for No-Maj. It’s certainly a plot that could be reapplied to a third sequel, and now Queenie is back on the same side.

Skilled witch

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Abernathy in His Suit

Considering that Abernathy has demonstrated what he is truly capable of, it seems that Abernathy’s ability has been largely wasted in MACUSA’s wand division. He was one of the key figures in Grindelwald’s successful escape from prison.

His dueling skills are excellent, and he possesses the useful ability to temporarily transform into a dark wizard, to assuage the suspicions of those who wish to distract him. His ability to be ignored could be another reason why he eventually turned his head. The theme of repressed power is also reflected in Aurelius Dumbledore.

parallel to peter pettigrew

Voldemort and Wormtail in Harry Potter

There are many similarities between Pettigrew and Abernathy in terms of their relationship with their respective owners. Both are responsible for the reappearance of their dark lords, mostly out of fear.

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When Peter Pettigrew lost his hand to Voldemort, Abernathy also showed unwavering devotion to Grindelwald, losing his tongue to the Dark Wizard. Through hard work and loyalty, Wormtail and Abernathy were able to replace their lost body parts.

high reliability

Grindelwald in a suit with one eye looking forward, Fantastic Beast

one of the most vivid scenes Grindelwald’s Crimes That was the moment Abernathy handed Grindelwald the vial that represented the blood alliance. It was the blood bond that he always kept, proof of the connection between the Dark wizard and Dumbledore.

Audiences get to see a lot of young Dumbledore in the sequel, and his early life seems very different from his years as headmaster of Hogwarts. This blood contract can bring disaster to witches, the most important thing is to save this unbreakable contract. So Grindelwald had to trust Abernathy a lot.


Johnny Depp plays Grindelwald with open arms in front of the crowd.

The Acolyte movement feels very similar to Voldemort’s Death Eaters movement. In the wizarding world, not many people officially became Grindelwald’s new disciples, but Abernathy was one of the few.

He stands trial for several of Grindelwald’s atrocities, including his participation in the murder of a Muggle family. He was also one of the first to step through the Blue Flame, which consumed anyone who was disloyal to the Dark Wizard.

Amazing Creature Care

Bill and Fleur ride the Night Owl in Harry Potter

Although the series is titled where are the wonderful beasts, The next section shows very little of these amazing animals. Even so, Abernathy proved to be one of the few magicians who was truly skilled at taking care of these creatures and knowing how to handle them.

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In his journey to rescue Grindelwald, he must outwit several animals, including Antonio, a chupacabra. However, based on how he treats Thestral, who pulls his chariot away, it’s clear he doesn’t have much of an emotional reaction to the animals.

transformation talent

Grindelwald is locked in a carriage, wand pointed at him, where are the wonderful beasts

It was mentioned earlier that Abernathy possessed an impressive range of magical skills, from her extensive use of ghosts to her impressive dueling abilities. However, his transformational talent really cannot be underestimated.

He is probably one of the most skilled magicians in the world Harry Potter Franchise in terms of shape-shifting. In fact, he completely changes his appearance several times throughout the series without using Polyjuice Potion, with complete conviction and believability. This is a difficult skill to master.

time in ilvermorney

Black and white image of Ilvermorny, an American school of magic and magic.

Since Abernathy was a gifted wizard who grew up in America, it is assumed that he attended Ilvermory School for Geniuses, like Queenie and Tina. However, his estimated date of birth is around 1909, meaning he is younger than his sisters.

Abernathy may have had a crush on Queenie since her school days. The series shows that Hogwarts romances and intrigues are interconnected, and the same could be true here. Interestingly, despite his advanced age, Abernathy enjoys a higher status in MACUSA, possibly due to his corrupt loyalty.

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