Harry Potter: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Occlumency & Legilimency

This has been an interesting year Harry Potter released among fans Magical Creatures: Dumbledore’s Secret And the promise of an upcoming video game release on holiday in 2022 hogwarts heritage. These new additions to The Wizarding World of Harry offer or promise to provide a deeper understanding of the wizarding world and how magic makes this fictional universe work.

Part of making fans eager to learn more about the wizarding world is how intricate magic is depicted in the series. The classes at Hogwarts only deal with some of the more complex branches of magic that wizards can manipulate. One such branch is Occlumency and Legilimency, which are types of magic related to telepathy. However, these challenging magical skills are much more than simply waving a wand and chanting. From the required focus to the etymology of their names, there’s a lot about Seclusion and Legality that common magicians don’t know and that fans may be eager to learn.

Occlumency means “closed mind”

The word Occlumens is partly derived from the Latin word “mens”, meaning “mind”, but the root word is “occluder”, which means “closed”. Therefore, the literal translation of the word is “closed the mind”.

To succeed in Secret Retreat, a wizard must turn off all thoughts and feelings that they don’t want True Seclusion to see. This skill is more popular than Magic because it is beneficial for those who want to keep it a secret. However, mastering it is still a challenging skill.

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Legitimacy means “mind reading”

Harry, Ron and Hermione in the library

The word Legilimens probably comes from the Latin words “legere”, which means “to read”, and “mens”, which means “to think”. So the word coined by JK Rowling literally means “mind reading”.

Sorcery is a magical act that uses eye contact and intense concentration to sneak into the victim’s mind and analyze their thoughts. This is described as very difficult, even with only a few mature characters Harry Potter Ability to use skills.

Ligilimency is more than just hearing opinions

Professor Snape teaches Harry Potter's Seclusion class

exist Order of the Phoenix, Snape tells Harry that Legitimacy doesn’t allow wizards to hear a person’s thoughts as if they were speaking directly to them, or to read their thoughts as if they were on paper. Instead, Legitimacy must arouse complexity in their minds and analyze what they find to uncover meaning.

This means that to become a Legilimency, a witch or wizard must go through endless training. The mind is complex and often unclear. To understand someone’s mind is to discover what they’re trying to find by skimming through meaningless images.

Closing depends on emotional control

Harry Potter cries over the death of Sirius in the Order of the Phoenix

Seclusion is difficult to master because it requires a wizard to have complete control over their emotions. A calm, logical, and disciplined mind is harder to dissect, so by removing emotional clutter, Mysticism ensures they choose the ideas that are displayed.

Harry is not very good at Seclusion because he is completely dominated by his emotions, unlike Snape and Malfoy, who grew up learning to suppress their emotions. Even Voldemort, who used the Secret Technique to prevent Harry from using their connections, often accidentally let Harry in by either going into a rage or becoming excited.

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The Sorting Hat is Legitimacy

Hogwarts students are arranged in Harry Potter

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat is one of the most advanced magical items in the world Harry Potter series. It is captivated by all four Hogwarts founders and contains the wisdom of each. So, in a way, it’s part of what each of them leaves behind when they die.

Salazar Slytherin was known to be a skilled Magician, so the Sorting Hat inherited that talent. That’s how it gets into the minds of students new to Hogwarts and uses their ideas to determine the house that best suits their true personalities.

A good occluder can manipulate their memory

Image of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in the movie Harry Potter

Legality and Exclusion are not perfect art. Because of this, a good occultist can fool even the best of Magicians.

Snape explains to Harry that the expert seclusion can manipulate their memories, thoughts, and emotions, revealing false information to the Legeilimen. That’s what Voldemort did when he showed Harry that Sirius was being tortured in the Department of Mysteries. Snape also proved to be an expert on the skill, as he used the Secret Technique to reveal Voldemort’s loyal thoughts and feelings while concealing his true motives.

Some people are born with Orthodox ability

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Queenie Jacobs

For most people, to become a great Legilimency, they have to spend hours studying and practicing. As with any skill, some people tend to possess it, such as Voldemort, who likely inherited the gift from his Salazar Slytherin ancestor.

However, some mages are born as Legimers. From an early age, people like to come from Where are the wonderful beasts Legilimency can be used without traditional usage Harry Potter Spell. However, unlike those who learn to become masters of Legitimacy, magicians born with this skill often lack the ability to control whose thoughts they hear or when.

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Occlumency is not usually taught in schools

Professor Flitwick teaches Charms at Hogwarts

Hogwarts teaches seven core classes of magic and several electives that teach more advanced or specific types of magic. However, Occlumency is not a skill that students can learn in the classroom.

This is partly due to its advanced nature. Very few magicians can become skilled occultists. However, it is also possible that learning how to effectively seal one’s mind requires another wizard to attempt to penetrate it. Since even most professors at Hogwarts are not equipped with Intelligence, it is not possible to test enough of every student to help them learn.

Legitimacy can be done verbally or non-verbally

Harry Ron and Hermione pointing wands in Harry Potter

When magicians first learn Magic, they have the ability to use wands and spells Legality. Snape demonstrates this in their Occlumency course. However, this makes it much easier to block the spell or prepare to turn off the mind.

As magicians become more proficient, they can begin to cast spells without words and without a wand in hand. However, similar to Apparition, Legimers who are not born with this skill may still require a wand to succeed.

Voldemort is the most perfect Magic

Image of Voldemort smiling in the film adaptation of Harry Potter

Both Dumbledore and Snape described Voldemort as the most perfect Legalist of all time. He can easily sneak into the minds of his enemies as well as his allies, making sure he knows the weak points of anyone around him.

However, Voldemort’s skills were much more than that. His favorite cruel method is to enter people’s minds, torturing people to madness. He will create scary images, create negative emotions and increase feelings of doubt or fear.

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