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Meet Greg Jones, one of the stars of Discovery’s new show frozen catch. Thematically, the series is similar to previous series like Deadliest Catch, but the location and cast are completely new and viewers of this genre would love to know more about it. This article is specifically about Greg.

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Greg Jones in the icy catch

Discovery Channel show deadliest catch returns with a franchise called Ice Cold Catch. However, the show doesn’t take place in Alaska, but instead in Iceland, where the fishermen try to get some of the biggest paydays.

This new documentary follows hard-working teams of Icelandic cod fishermen as they battle in the icy waters of the Arctic in search of their fortunes. Newbies from the United States and Great Britain are involved, thinking they have what it takes to get a piece of the catch. The stakes are high because to succeed, American military entrepreneur Greg Jones and Caitlin Krause, a British yacht stewardess, must establish themselves as rookies in one of the world’s riskiest jobs.

Caitlin is a former yacht stewardess who was working in the UK before deciding to join the show. Ever since she arrived in the country, her Caitlin has been giving fans a glimpse into her life as she trains to become an Icelandic parakeet. According to the Marine Stewardship Council, longlining is a commercial fishing method that involves hauling a longer fishing line attached to nets with baited hooks to retrieve fish. Depending on what the angler wants to fish, the lines can be set for pelagic (midwater) or demersal (bottom) fishing.

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Deadline reported ahead of the premiere: “Discovery US and Discovery Plus shed light on Icelandic cod fishing.” The focus is on two beginning fishermen who want to improve their fishing profession. Off the coast of Iceland, in the Arctic Circle, these newcomers want to operate Icelandic longlines and make their fortunes in the icy and dangerous waters.”

To achieve their goal, the two rookie fishermen must “go through a tough three-week ordeal, and if they impress their captains and crew with their attitude, stamina and potential, they can earn a spot on the boat during peak season.” .”

The series premiered on December 20, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel. Click the link to preview season 1 frozen catch.

Greg Jones Net Worth

Greg Jones’ career has netted him a net worth of $400 thousand over the years. Before embarking on this path, he worked as a worker in a power plant. According to SI, he worked as a US military contractor.

By salary.coma power plant worker has a median salary of $79,143 as of November 2022. Meanwhile, the reported median salary for a defense contractor is $100,000 per year.

Is Greg Jones married?

There aren’t many details about Greg Jones’ family. In the short clip, Greg talked about taking care of his family. This could probably mean his wife and his children.

The Greg Jones era

According to multiple sources, Greg Jones was born before 1988. That is, he would be over 34 years old in 2022.

Is Greg Jones on Instagram?

Greg Jones does not appear to be on Instagram or any other social media platform.

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Related FAQ

  • Where is Greg Jones from?

Greg Jones is originally from Tennessee.

  • How tall is Greg Jones?

Greg Jones is over 5’10”. The distinguishing features of him are his long, messy facial hair.

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