Knight Warriors MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.13.8

Murder is immoral, cruel and illegal. Playing naturally can cause you to stress and stop focusing on work. Game Knight Warriors is the right solution for you. With its own style of killing, killing is free, bloodless and illegal. Keeps you comfortable without stress or distraction. For you to be fully entertained after a busy work.

Unlike many other violent games, Knight Warriors doesn’t cost a dime to buy. There is absolutely no need to recharge to buy items or characters. There’s also no gore, violence or noise. A new trending violent game style. Friendly, free and very addictive game. Play at any time, do not let you sit plowing the field all day to waste time. Just enter the game, enter your name and use your sharp control skills to start the carnage. Control your character to defeat other players and earn as many points as possible. Games couldn’t be better for most of us, right?

Download Knight Warriors mod – Bullying the weaker than you

When you open Knight Warriors, an empty box will appear for you to enter your name. Enter the assassin’s name and select his equipment. When done, hit the play button to officially start the fun. Your mission is to kill tons of players and collect points to earn tons of points. When your score is higher than other players, your name will gradually become higher. The more you kill or collect, the longer your weapon will stay in your hand, the easier it will be to defeat other players and the easier it will be to destroy. Try not to be defeated too soon, because then your attempt to kill will fail.

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Download knight warrior mod


This is a special feature of Knight Warriors. You and your character alone fight all other players. This is a big challenge for new players. Therefore, you need to spend a small amount of time practicing. Since then, I have accumulated more combat experience for myself. Gradually, you will learn to defeat stronger opponents and earn more points. From there, it’s easy to get your character up to speed quickly and easy to kill. The dream of putting your name on the top is not far away from you anymore. Knight Warrior mod free

avoid magic

Not just running back and forth and knocking each other down. Knight Warriors will give you another ability, which is dodging. Once activated, you will surf the web for a short time. You can use this magic skill to dodge enemy attacks. But you must use it wisely and carefully. Because it costs a little that you just earned, and if you abuse it, you will have nothing. Even gliding around will put you in enemy fire and kill you. So practice using it to make it virtual. Create a lot of difficulties for the enemies who want to defeat you. Knight Warrior mod apk

become a monster

In Knight Warriors, the more players you kill, the easier it is to get killed. If you kill five people at once, you can kill in quick succession to achieve a double, triple, or even a super kill. Similar to the league of legends or combo game you usually play. Once you kill too many players, the kill rate is high. Your score will be continuously rewarded and increase rapidly. Getting to the top will be very easy. Then no one is strong enough to stop you. You become a real monster with destructive power. However, be careful because that is when you are most vulnerable to sneak attacks.

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Lots of outfits to choose from

A game played with only the default characters can get tedious. So Knight Warriors has loads of outfits to choose from. You are free to discover for yourself a truly outstanding appearance. Make your character unique and stand out from the crowd. Some costumes are not free, you can collect them by watching ads. Or you can buy with money to support the publisher. So cool and so fun, right? knight warrior mod android

fun game mode

In Knight Warriors there is not only the classic game mode. There are other modes for you to experience. Capture The Flag mode is typical. There will be a flag bearer, and your task is to destroy that person and steal the flag. When you capture the flag, your points will continue to accumulate and quickly rise to the top of the leaderboard. Or you can invite your friends to play with you in team mode. Download the Knight Warriors mod and become the best. Kill anyone who dares to stand in your way.

Download Knight Warriors MOD APK (Stupid Enemies) for Android

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