Google shares completely random yet ‘otterly adorable facts’ about dogs, penguins and other animals

Google shared an interesting post about animals on Instagram. The company shared random but cute facts about various animals, including dogs and penguins.

Google shared images on Instagram showing random facts about dogs, penguins and other animals. (Instagram/@googleindia)

“I’m sharing these incredibly wonderful facts with you,” Google wrote, adding a series of images. The images show the template you get when you search for something on Google.

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The first visual shows the words “Do penguins fall in love” written in the search bar at the top of the page. Below is a picture of a penguin with a response that reads: “Once they’ve decided on a mate, male penguins search long and hard for the perfect gift for their new love, and it comes in the form of a beautiful, smooth rock. It’s common for male penguins to even fight with another penguins for the pebble they set their heart on.”

Check out this entire post to see what else Google shared:

The post was shared about 4 hours ago. Since then, it has collected more than 5,800 likes. The stock additionally collected several comments from people. A few also reacted using heart emojis.

What did Instagram users say about Google’s announcement?

“That’s why everyone uses Google!” wrote the Instagram user.

“Hello pro max,” added another.

“Such wonderful facts. I love them,” joined a third.

“This is so sweet,” wrote a fourth.

What do you think of these random but interesting animal facts shared by Google? Did any of this surprise you?

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