Go bananas with Photoshop Easter eggs (and a hidden tool that’s actually useful)

AdobePhotoshop CC 2018 launched a few weeks ago — but what Adobe didn’t tell users is that the update comes with a hidden Photoshop feature along with a few Photoshop Easter eggs to spruce up your workspace. (Or, you know, prank a fellow photographer and make him wonder why his toolbar now has a banana).

The first hidden feature is part of the new Symmetry Painting tool. Adobe said the tool wasn’t up to par before its release, so the tool is one of a handful of technology previews. With the hidden feature, you can use this tool to create radial or mandala designs with a few brushstrokes.

To find the tool, users must first enable Tech Previews by going to Photoshop’s File menu, then Settings and Tech Previews, by placing a checkmark next to “enable color symmetry.” Now, if the brush tool is selected, clicking the butterfly icon on the toolbar will mirror the strokes along different axes.

However, radial and mandala features are not in that menu. To access the hidden feature, designers must add any symmetry path and then rename that path to “Radial Symmetry X” or “Mandala Symmetry X”, just replacing that “X” with the number of times you want the design to repeat. The Radial option will repeat one design around the center point, while the Mandala will first create a mirror image of that design before repeating around the center point.

While the hidden feature is one that could actually help designers with the project, Adobe is also sharing a handful of Easter eggs that are a little less useful, but a little more fun. The first allows photo editors and graphic designers to get a monkey icon in their Layer Comps panel. To get that primate hanging in your workspace, with your document open, open the Layer Comps window (Window > Comp. layers) then add a new layer compensation. Double-click that new layer to rename it, then type “Layer Monkey 0” and hit Enter to watch the magic happen. The board will be renamed Layer Monkey! and the icon will be replaced by a monkey. (Rename Layer Comp to any other name to return to normal).

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But what’s a monkey without a banana? Users can add banana to their toolbox by going to the toolbar customization options (either via Edit > Toolbar or “…” inside the toolbar) When users hold shift while clicking done, that little ellipsis on the toolbar becomes a banana. (To get rid of the banana, follow the same steps, but command or control click done).

Adobe has hidden another Easter egg in the form of what drives many photo editors: coffee. Users can convert the color themes within the appearance menu to coffee or toast. After opening the settings window and choosing an interface, users can hold down the shift and option or alt keys while clicking on the color theme option to turn those choices into different shades of toast. Or, if coffee is more your style, follow the same steps, but hold down shift and control or command while clicking the color theme. Then, instead of choosing different shades of gray, you can choose black coffee or blue roast to change the colors of the workspace. (To go back to defaults, just press shift and option again).

Now that we’ve covered Photoshop’s hidden features, let’s move on to more important questions — like should Easter eggs be called turkey eggs in November?

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