Ginger the dog camouflaged perfectly against the fall trees. You can see it?

Dog owner LUKA challenged viewers to see her wily red lab Hugo in a photo of him camouflaged by autumn leaves.

Vanessa Quested, 46, posed the challenge on Facebook, and only the most discerning users managed not to be stunned by the riddle.


Hugo blends in with the colorful fall leaves Credit: RokThe 10-month-old dog is hard to spot because of his fox-red fur.


The 10-month-old dog is hard to spot because of his fox-red furCredit: Rok

Due to the wonderful red hair of the 10-month-old dog, it is almost impossible to see him hiding in the bushes during a seasonal walk with his owner.

In her social media post, Vanessa wrote: “Look at the Labrador. Our beautiful Hugo is absolutely in love this season.”

“All those mud puddles, leaves for him to run and roll around in. This is our first lab and he’s 10 months old and it’s such a joy to see the world through his crazy, googly eyes.”

“However, it is increasingly difficult to find it among the rusty sheets.”

Commenters were baffled by the issue, with one writing, “I literally can’t find it.”

Another quipped: “I know he should have gone to Specsavers but I can’t see him anywhere.”

At that time the third said: “They are looking for him here, they are looking for him there, I don’t see him anywhere. Where is the? “.

Keen viewers might notice that the playful pet’s ears are almost visible in the center of the image.

Her blue thread is also almost visible around her neck.

They can be seen peeking out of the reddish-brown undergrowth.

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Speaking about the challenge, Vanessa said: “I thought it would be really fun to try to spot it. It’s such a beautiful color and really blends in with the fall colours.”

It comes as a Hungarian artist known as Dudolf regularly posts similar puzzles on his website.

One of the newer challenges features a trio of adorable dolphins in a sea of ​​messages in bottles.

Viewers were given the task of spotting five empty bottles with the rolled up message missing.

The sharp-eyed onlookers managed to see him in the thicket.


Sharp-eyed onlookers managed to spot it in the thicketCredit: Rok

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