Get Back Access to Your Facebook Account Without The Code Generator

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms, is also a hub for hackers. This makes it even more important to implement appropriate security measures for such applications/platforms. And for this, two-factor authentication is something we can rely on.


  • Two-factor authentication and its verification code
  • How to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook?
    • How do I access the code generator on Facebook?
  • Can’t access Facebook code generator? Here is something for you
    • First, wait for the Facebook verification code
    • Use a saved security code
    • Try accessing from another device that you have used before
    • Confirm your identity to verify Facebook
  • Keep your Facebook account to yourself
  • Stay safe and sane, folks.

However, this extra layer of security requires a security code to be sent to your device, which we may or may not have access to at all times. But this does not mean that without the code it is impossible to access your Facebook account. This is where Facebook’s code generator can come to your rescue.

But before we move on, let’s know what this whole two-factor authentication process is all about and why we need a verification code for it.

Two-factor authentication and its verification code

Two-factor authentication or two-step verification is essentially a security process followed by almost every major app, whether it’s Instagram, a social networking app, or Gmail, an email service. It provides better and improved protection for users than single-factor authentication, where only one factor i.e. password is used to access the account.

Two-factor authentication, on the other hand, adds another layer of security to your account. Users will also need a security code sent to the device or email attached to the account. After the password, it is necessary to enter the code in the desired field and only then the user can access the account.

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And now that users have two-factor to authenticate their accounts, it’s even harder for hackers to break into their accounts.

However, sometimes the users themselves do not receive any verification code for their account, they may think that now they cannot log in to their Facebook account. But it’s really the other way around; there is a way to bypass the Facebook code generator and gain access to your account.

Now that you know what two-factor authentication is and how verification codes work on Facebook, continue to learn more about Facebook code generators and how to get Facebook verification codes without a phone.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook?

Before learning how to bypass the Facebook code generator, you must enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account.

Enabling two-factor authentication on Facebook is pretty easy. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security & Sign In. There, under two-factor authentication, click Edit. There you may be asked to enter your password.

Next, to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook, you need to choose the method you want Facebook to use for verification. You can choose to authenticate via SMS or a security key. Once selected, click Next.

If you choose SMS verification, Facebook will send you a six-digit security code to the phone number you entered; you can also use the same mobile number that has been added to your Facebook account. When you’re done, click Finish.

And here’s how you can enable two-factor authentication on your device. Now let’s learn about Facebook code generator.

How do I access the Facebook Code Generator?

The code generator allows you to access your Facebook account once you have two-factor authentication enabled, but you cannot access the SMS code for it. So when you’re traveling or don’t have access to the phone number associated with your account, the Facebook code generator can be a real lifesaver; moreover, it works on all operating systems, be it Android or iOS.

But the question is where is the Facebook code generator or how to find the Facebook code generator? This is the way.

To access the Facebook code generator, launch the Facebook app on your device and go to Settings & Privacy preferences and click on Code Generator. You’ll see the tool run the security code every 30 or 60 seconds.

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I guess that solved your problem: what is Facebook’s query code generator, since you’ve learned all about Facebook’s code generator. But what if you lose your phone? What if for some reason you cannot receive the code? Can you access the Facebook code generator in such a situation? Of course you can; let’s see how.

Can’t access Facebook Code Generator? Here is something for you

Most of us keep valuable documents and files on our phones because that’s what will always be with us. Therefore, losing your phone could be a mistake. The same applies to our social media accounts; We have made our phone our key to our social media and losing our phone means losing our account.

There are several solutions that can help in such cases. Let’s have a look and learn about Facebook Code Generator Bypass:

First, wait for the Facebook verification code

If you still have access to the SIM card you lost with your mobile phone, and your carrier can provide you with another SIM card with the same number, you’re in luck.

Because Facebook can only use one number at a time for two-factor authentication, you can’t add extra numbers to it.

On the screen asking for your login code click Need another authentication method and there you will see the option Send me login code via SMS click it and you will get the security code via SMS or by call.

Use a saved security code

When you set up two-factor authentication on your Facebook account, Facebook sends you a list of emergency codes that you can use in such cases. So if you’ve saved those codes, you’re in luck again. So for a broken Facebook code generator issue, you can use one of these codes and you should be able to access your Facebook account again.

If you haven’t saved those recovery codes as a backup, make sure to record them and take a screenshot on Facebook as the first thing you do when you restore your Facebook account.

Facebook code

Try accessing from another device that you have used before

Whenever you sign in to your Facebook account from another device, Facebook asks if you want to remember your login information. If you tap Yes and the device still saves your Facebook login, you won’t need any verification code to log into your Facebook account from that device.

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You can do the same with the browser you used before. Or try another device that you used once, maybe you’re still signing in from your laptop, computer, or tablet. All you have to do is log into your Facebook account once and after that, you can change the settings or even the password as you wish.

login Facebook

Confirm your identity to verify Facebook

If all else fails, the last thing you can do is verify your identity with Facebook so they can be sure who owns the account and allows you access.

In the menu where you click Need another way to authenticate, click Get more help and Facebook will help you with the next steps to recover your account.

You will be asked to enter your email address and attach a copy of your identity, this can be anything, a copy of your passport, driver’s license or whatever. Once done, Facebook will email you the next recovery steps.

You can apply the steps above from any device, from an app, or from a browser. All you need to do is visit and log in to your account to start solving the Facebook code generator not working problem.

Keep your Facebook account to yourself

If you’ve recovered your Facebook account but your phone is still lost where you signed in, there’s definitely a chance that your account could be accessed by someone else. In this case, you should terminate the application’s Facebook session.

If you’ve registered your phone number and want to change the number associated with your Facebook account, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Cellular > Lost Phone. And there click Sign out of phone. There you can also delete the phone number entered there.

Be safe and watch out everyone

Every day there is a new complaint from Facebook users because they somehow lost their Facebook account. Well, it’s not something you can blame anyone for, but most of the time users can’t recover their accounts and end up having to create new ones.

The reason for this is that they have not set up the security measures correctly, they have a record maintained, but the security measures? It’s outside of their curriculum. This is why it is so important to set up a profile correctly and by setting up a profile I certainly don’t mean updating the profile picture on it, I mean taking measures appropriate security measures on it.

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