Gentlemen´s Club MOD APK (Low cost/Fast level up) 1.4.0

Gentlemen’s Club MOD APK Info

1. High coins for pedestrians 2. Strippers waiting time 03. Beer slot costs 1 token4. Upgrading liqueur costs 1 token5. Upgrade from Stipper (star) very fast

Night clubs are always the best choice for those who want to relieve stress. If you join a gentlemen’s club, you can join such clubs as well. Allows you to own a club and develop it yourself. Organize important events and complete business premises. Bring comfort and happiness to your customers. In fact, people must know how famous you are.

All real life work is perfectly reproduced. Including the jobs that Gentlemen’s Club will mention for you during the game. Interact with all the characters in the game to learn the information you need. Use your mind to develop work in a specific direction. Being real gives you a feeling of immense attraction and satisfaction. Start a new way to discover potential you never knew you had.

Download the Gentlemen’s Club mod – make your nightclub awesome

You play as a handsome and talented former manager named Jo Fella. Due to some friction and a criminal record, he is brutally fired by his boss. Extremely angry and feeling abandoned, he decides to set out for revenge. You help him by building a new and better club. From a place of nothing special, it became a place known by many people. Recruit the sexiest and most beautiful hostesses from all over the world. Upgrade facilities to get a luxurious and wonderful space. Only you can defeat your old boss.

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luxury space

The most important thing about a club is how everything is laid out and put together. You can choose your favorite furniture with the money in hand. The tables are simple but of good quality and covered with expensive fabrics. These chairs help diners feel comfortable and smooth when sitting. Colorful, vibrant stage themes are ready to please the audience. Makes for an unforgettable casual evening for anyone in attendance. If things get inconsistent, you can end up replacing them with something better.

sexy dancer

To double the fun for the attendees, the dancers have to do their job. The selection of dancers also needs to be precise and thorough. Fit on a budget that your club can easily accommodate. The more expensive the dancer, the more talented and beautiful she stands out. Easily attract viewers, allowing you to earn high profits. After signing the contract, you can completely arrange your own location. Divide different areas on the stage to create vibrancy for the party. A seasoned person knows how to enjoy joy to the fullest.

Compete on leaderboards

You are certainly not alone in this competitive battlefield. There will also be other people and places and their customers. From there, a list will appear with the names of the best top clubs. Factors that affect the venue will include the number of guests, the class of the club and the number of expensive dancers. If you have a formidable amount of money, congratulations, your chances of getting the job are quite high. Maybe even beat your old boss and make him jealous. Find an effective strategy for yourself and maximize the required stats.

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Fascinating storyline

Gentlemen’s clubs are not just business, they bring you beautiful situations. The story will focus on the life of Joe Ferra and what he will face in building the club. Each chapter is part of his revenge process. Do whatever it takes to get the one you love and become the ruler of the dark. Face dangerous enemies with destructive and unpredictable plots. But after all, he will still be on his feet and ready to move on for his ultimate goal. This shows that human will and resilience have no limits.

Are you ready to take on this challenging yet brilliant management job? Gentlemen’s Club mod is where gentlemen show their bravery.

Download Gentlemen’s Club MOD APK for Android (Low Cost / Fast Upgrade)

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