Genshin Impact: All Millennial Mountains Item Locations

In addition to the main storyline of the Archon quest, Genshin Shock Contains loads of world quests that provide interesting lore. “Millennium Mountain” is a world quest located on the surface of the Rift Genshin Shock. This quest involves exploring the surface thoroughly to track down special items.

The player should unlock the Seven Statues in The Chasm to show the entire map of the surface. To find this quest, the player can use the waypoint at Throat of the Rift and head east. NPC King can be found near the monument made of stacked stones.

The king kindly offered the first six offerings. The player must find: Flower of Vision, Sky Feather, Commons Cup, Time Dial, Guardian Helm and Warrior’s Spear. Asking about each product will display several boxes that suggest the location of each product. Completing this quest will give Genshin ShockHidden Achievement: “A thousand millennia will never be moved”.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Location of Flower of Vision

Genshin ShockThe Flower of Vision can be found at the top of the Vermilion Cliff. For easy access to this area, the player can teleport to the Statue of Seven in the Canyon. By using nearby Spoutrocks, the player will be able to climb the mountain behind Waypoint to find a rock with an investigation point. NPC Tang Wuyou appeared.

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The flower of sight is like a pure heart. Collecting Blossom of Vision will trigger the world quest “A Tale of the Cliff Hero”. The player does not need to complete this quest to complete “Millennium Mountain”.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Sky Feather Location

Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains – Sky Feather Location

The Sky Feather can be found on the cliffs of Liuli Peak. The player can use the teleport in Tiangongxia to go south. The player will pass one of the Genshin ShockKey to Bedrock on the way up the cliff. After reaching the outermost layer of the Rift surface, the player can follow the cliff path to find Skyfeather hidden in the investigation point inside the nest.

Genshin Impact: Millennium Mountains – Commons Location

Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains – House of Representatives Location

Players must complete the world quest “Unexplored Invasion” before receiving the Commons Cup. This quest can be activated by destroying the first Bedrock Key in the “Seven Seals of Darkness” and defeating a group of treasure hunters at a specific location marked “1” on the map. After that, the player needs to meet NPC Smokey next to the teleport point in Logging Valley.

To complete “Infiltrate Undetected”, the player needs to defeat two of the three required enemy factions. Yanbo and his soldiers will clear the rest of the camp. The player can then report to Yanbo and get the treasure chest. The Commons Cup will be in this chest, marked as “2” on the map above.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Sundial location

Genshin Impact Millennial Mountains – Sundial Location

For the Time Dial, the player needs to use the teleport next to the surface. This would be close to Genshin ShockA new kingdom of the Lost Valley. From Waypoint, the player should head northwest until they reach Treasure camp. Sundials of all ages will be hidden in survey points inside bowls on benches. Since this product doesn’t have an open world format, it’s hard to miss if players aren’t paying attention.

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Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Helm of Warding Location

Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains – Warding's Leadership Position

Helmets can be found in the Rift Maw. The player should find a Seelie nearby, which will lead them into a wooden house. There will be cracks in the floor leading to the first floor. The player can go to the room next to the Seelie Court, where there are some torches and hay. Players can use one of these to burn hay Genshin ShockCharacter Pyro or destroy the dynamite with the bow user to avoid DMG.

Pulling out the hay revealed two lookup points; one of them has a helmet. Once the player has collected the Helmet, the dialogue will begin with the treasure boss “Kid Qing Ce”. Defeating him is optional. The player can choose to teleport or engage him.

Genshin Impact: The Millennial Mountains – Warrior Spear Location

Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains – Warrior Spear Location

Genshin ShockWarrior’s Spear can be found at the top of the mountain in Tiangong Gorge. Players can start with the seven-person statue in The Chasm, then slide southeast. On the way, you will pass some small peaks with wooden beams and bell flowers. The warrior’s spear will lie next to two sweet flowers on the top of the mountain. Unlike many other titles, Spear of the Warrior will actually appear in the open world, instead of hiding inside an investigation spot.

Genshin Impact: Millennium Mountains Rewards and Achievements

Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains Rewards and achievements

After the player has received six offerings, they need to return to the memorial hall next to the king. After dedicating an item to the Memorial Stone, nearby rocks will collapse to reveal a hidden entrance. Inside the cave, players will be able to find a luxury chest and Millelith’s treasure near a stone with writing on it.

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These five artifacts will appear in the open world just like the other dropped artifacts. Once collected, they can appear as 4-star artifacts in the Artifacts tab of your inventory. They can be crafted as-is or used to upgrade other artifacts Genshin Shock. Talking to Wang will complete the quest and reward the player with the achievement: “The Millelith Shall Be Never Be Moved”. Genshin Shock Once the World Quest is complete, players will be able to better understand Millelith’s battle history during the Catastrophe five hundred years ago.

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