Genshin Impact 3.5: Every Livestream Code & Reward

Genshin Shock Live codes and rewards for 3.5 are now available thanks to special referrals. The official stream, hosted by developer HoYoverse, confirmed many of the leaks that were previously reported by the community, as well as others that were revealed previously. The addition of Sumeru’s 5-star playable character Dehya and Mondstadt’s 4-star hero Mika are some of the highlights of the stream.

as usual, Genshin Shock Direct code 3.5 also appears. When redeemed properly, these promo codes can grant in-game rewards such as leveling up materials and valuable items Genshin Shock Primordial Gems, which can be exchanged for Alternate Fates and used to pull limited-time draw banners. Promo codes shared during each live stream are exclusive to the next version of the game, and it’s a way of thanking the community for their continued support.

Get free gems and rewards from the Genshin Impact 3.5 live stream

In the table below, players can see Genshin Shock 3.5 live codes and associated bonuses. They were shared during the broadcast hosted by Genshin ShockOfficial Twitch channel.

Code Genshin Impact 3.5


Karoo 3RG6NY65

100x Primordial Gems, 10x Mysterious Enhancement Ores


100 times Primordial Gems, 5 times Hero Intelligence


100 times Primordial Gem, 50,000 Mora

As is often the case in live code, HoYoverse has a Genshin Shock The 3.5 live broadcast includes the original gems that can basically buy two destinies, as well as mysterious enhanced ores, heroic wisdom, and lots of Mora Genshin Shock.

Genshin Impact 3.5 direct code redemption place

Mika in Genshin Impact is made on a white background.

this Genshin Shock Live code for 3.5 is a great way to gather resources before the next release. However, players will need to manually redeem each code correctly before claiming the prize. There are several ways to achieve this. The most common method is in-game implementation. Players should open their settings page through the menu, scroll down to the account tab and find the redemption feature. Entering or pasting each code from 3.5 Live will grant them the corresponding reward, which will be sent to their in-game mailbox.

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Another option to redeem Genshin Shock 3.5 Live Codes and Official Usage Rewards Genshin Shock website. From there, they simply log in with their HoYoverse account and redeem the code. The 3.5 live stream confirms that the game’s next update is coming on March 1. Players will also be able to watch Dehya and Mika’s first official match roll to find out how they performed on pitch and how they fit into the team.

Too Genshin Shock 3.5 live broadcast codes and rewards, players can also take a look at upcoming activities and participation rewards. If HoYoverse still exists Genshin ShockOn a six-week schedule, version 3.5 will last that long, in two phases. Phase 1 will end around March 22, at which point the character and weapon banners for phase 2 will change Genshin Shock.

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