Gareth Locke Parents: David Locke And Margaret Locke

Meet David Locke and Margaret Locke, the parents made in chelsea star Gareth Locke. Who are they? What are they doing? How old are they? Where they live? Are they on social media?

This article tries to answer everything here, so keep scrolling down and find out more.

Who are the parents of Chelsea star Gareth Locke?

Made In Chelsea star Gareth Locke was born to David and Margaret Locke. He is the husband of Ollie Locke. The couple tied the knot in November 2020. Ollie told fans on Instagram ahead of the event: “We had to postpone the wedding twice…and it’s been a nightmare but we’re determined to get married this year whatever it takes.” . however we can and end 2020 in style. where we want 2021 to start…extremely magical, lots of love and a huge amount of white hydrangeas!”

They got engaged in 2018 when Ollie proposed to her next to the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Park Gardens.

Gareth turned 34 in December 2022. By profession, he was the commercial director of the luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper. He now works as an independent business and brand consultant.

Meet David Locke, father of Gareth Locke

David Locke is the father of Gareth Locke. He celebrates his birthday every year on December 4th. In 2016, David’s eldest son wished him: “Happy birthday to my old kitty!!! They broke the mold when they made @davidnlocke a #hero #family #love #live #happybirthday #dad #old.”

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On Father’s Day 2022, Jon wished his dad: “The man the legend @davidnlocke happy Father’s Day. I love you more than you will ever know.”

He is on Instagram and his IG handle is (@davidnlocke).

David adores his children and his wife. In October 2021, he posted a flashback photo of his wife, writing, “How did I manage to capture this one? #wife #friend #lover #mother #daughter #sister #grandmother.”

Meet Margaret Locke, mother of Gareth Locke

David Locke’s mother is Margaret Locke. Margaret celebrates her birthday on March 1. In May 2021, Gareth dedicated a post to his mum, writing: “Love you mum thank you all for the amazing messages and support you are all amazing.”

David also talked about his mother on MIC. Margaret is battling Alzheimer’s. On World Alzheimer’s Day in September 2021, Gareth addressed the disease, writing: “Today I am so grateful to be able to go back and see my mother after quarantine and COVID. Today is World Alzheimer’s Day and I wanted to praise @alzheimerssoc for all the work they do for people with this disease.”

Margaret also spent her days at Alderwood Care Home. David spoke about his wife’s Alzheimer’s writing: “#wife #alzheimer’s #anger #frustration #negovernmentcares #noNHScare. Pity your loved ones why are they still alive these people need help 😳 when will this happen?

During the episode in made in chelseaGareth opened up about his mother’s battle with the disease.

After that, he was contacted by fans who resonated with him with his story. A fan commented on his IG, “I just watched the episode where you talked about your mom and it really resonated! My dad was also diagnosed 11 years ago when he was only 59! 11 years later and his mind has completely left him! Even the simplest tasks are a battle, and he is pointless! He is heartbreaking and I know exactly how you feel! I’m so sorry you’re going through that too! I hate Alzheimer’s! I’m so glad you talked about it publicly, it makes us feel less alone in this!”

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Another fan added: “I was crying watching the episode of your conversation with Liv. I am a caregiver and I know the impact of this horrible disease, how it affects the individual and also her family. You shouldn’t feel guilty one bit. You have to remember her for who she was. There isn’t much support out there and there isn’t much information about it. There is an Alzheimer’s Society that has a lot of information and stories of people who have gone through what you are going through. Just remember that your mom loves you.”

Related FAQ

  • Are Gareth Locke’s parents still married?

Yes, Gareth’s parents have been together since they got married.

  • How many children do Gareth Locke’s parents have?

Gareth’s parents, David and Margaret, had two children from the marriage.

Gareth has an older brother named Drew. Drew and his wife Ella Locke share two children; Rex and Leo Locke. They got married in August 2017.

Drew is a rugby player for London Scottish and hails from Braintree. Over the years he played for Jersey, Cornish Pirates, Coventry and Exeter Chiefs, his choice being the center. He gained fame playing on the wing. He previously opened his own cafe in Jersey with his wife while working there, but he has since left to join London Scottish.

In 2020, Drew was named Essex’s 30 Sexiest Men. According the ultimate rugbyHe was born on September 11, 1986.

  • Where do Gareth Locke’s parents live?

Gareth Locke’s parents live in Lawford, a large town and civil parish in the Tendring district of north-east Essex, England.

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