Garena Free Fire MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot/Aim Assist/Antiban) 1.97.1

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Information

You install the APK, then install the tools menu to enjoy the mod!

mod menu

  1. automatic target
  2. aim and shoot
  3. target
  4. quick shot
  5. watching while dancing
  6. Underwater filming
  7. Can be destroyed in the lobby
  8. ghost mode
  9. Killing the mind

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game developed by Garena with more than 500 million downloads. In Escape from Destiny, you must be the last survivor. All players gathered in one place, now you have to find your own way of life. You have no allies in Free Fire, everything has to be decided by you. From the moment you skydive, you are in the thick of the action. Free Fire is like a single-player shooter game, only for brave gunners. However, you also need to be smart in your every move. Enemies can be anywhere you don’t expect.

Free Fire connects players from all over the world, giving players the opportunity to expand their horizons. Improve your combat skills while dealing with countless gunners around the globe. Combined with practice, your level is not much but will improve to a higher level. Unlike other action games, standing in front of dozens of opponents, only when you are the last survivor can you achieve absolute victory. The challenge is difficult but helps to classify the player’s level in the most clear way. Also, in 50 player mode, you can’t lose focus. Free Fire mod with automatic fire mode helps players destroy enemies faster. Try it now and share it with your friends!

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Free Fife mod version

You need to follow the instructions to install the Free Fire Mod Menu OB27.

  • Automatic AIMBOT.
  • Automatic header.
  • Target while shooting.
  • Aim while aiming.
  • Aim while crouching.
  • headshot ratio.
  • Target FOV.
  • sensitive.

— ESP attack —

  • ESP series.
  • ESP distance.
  • fake username.

— Other hacks —

  • Delete report.
  • Reset visitor ID.

— Hack gamers —

  • white body.
  • Delete scope.
  • Ministry of Health runs.
  • run at speed.
  • 2X fast stamping.
  • Goal + Movement.

– Hack map –

  • Teleport to kill.
  • Ghost Hack V3.
  • Night sky mode.
  • remote camera.
  • HD graphics mode.
  • Wallhack V3.

Free fire mods for free

Guide to mod full Skin Free Fire (V2 – Vietnam)

If you want to modify the Free Fire Skin, you will need to follow some simple steps by yourself. This is’s step-by-step video tutorial for successful skin editing, please watch the video.

Download Free Fire MOD – Survival Battle

In addition to the remaining 49ers, there is another factor that should be of top concern, which is the safety area. The range of the safe zone is not fixed, if you step out of that range, HP will decrease until you die. Although the map in the Free Fire game is wide, be aware of this when moving around. The first time I played, I had to stop that level because I was out of my comfort zone. Discover Free Fire, if you like action games, you can’t ignore this game. PUBG is also the choice of many players, have you heard of this game? In addition, you can refer to some other games worth watching such as World War Heroes, Special Forces Group 2.

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more than 29 characters

There aren’t too many characters to overwhelm the screen, but with the current number of characters, you have options. Adam and Eve are the default characters, which you can change for free. In addition, “Free Fire” also has some prominent names such as Capella, Steffi, Jota, Norota… Click on each character to see details of the highlights, choose as you like. If your opponent is not a big fan of the game, they will have a hard time catching you.

Download fire mod for free

many options for shopping

Guess what you can do when you visit the Free Fire store? In addition to the most popular suggestions here, players can easily upgrade everything at once. Characters, weapons, treasure chests, gifts, exchanges… you choose the function you need. If you want to change the gunner’s fashion style, buy assistants, including packages… Players can also perform in the store. Of course, when deciding to come here, you have to spend a lot.

lucky spin

Luck can help players get diamonds, weapons, gold crafted in this feature. Especially for the golden spin, you will get 1 free spin per day (24h from the date of spin). This is also a place for players to spend large amounts of money but in return for the opportunity to earn rare items.


No allies, but you have the right to find your own assistant. They are like pets but have extraordinary powers. Actions, skills and skins can be selected as assistants at will. On the battlefield, players are no longer alone.

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A place to store items such as parachutes, backpacks, surfboards, moves, weapons… here you can easily see all your current equipment. This is a new feature that Garena updated a little while ago.

free fire mod for android

Free Fire also has many other essential features, such as a wardrobe where you can organize or search for your belongings. The battle for survival is always a hot topic for publishers to dig into. Still, it’s a ground-breaking game with a lot to offer. Mini Militia is an exciting action game with millions of players, give it a try. Download Free Fire MOD APK You need to be stronger in battle and have no tolerance for anyone.

Download Garena Free Fire MOD APK for Android (Menu, Auto Headshot/Aim Assist/Antiban)

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