Footballer dies after being hit by lightning in Indonesia. Harrowing incident captured on camera

A football match in Indonesia took a tragic turn when a player died mid-match after being struck by lightning. According to reports, he was breathing after the impact but was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. A video of the gruesome moment is circulating on social networks.

The picture shows the moment a football player in Indonesia was struck by lightning. (Screen shot)

“Lightning struck a man during a soccer match in Indonesia,” user X wrote, sharing a video of the incident. The clip shows the player standing in a field when he is suddenly struck by lightning. At the same moment, he falls to the ground. The other players rush towards the football player to help him.

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The incident occurred during a friendly match between the two football teams at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, located in West Java, Indonesia, local media PRFM News reported. The media add that according to eyewitnesses, the jersey worn by the football player had traces of burns.

On February 10, a man was playing a football match and it started to rain. Soon after, he was struck by lightning. The other players rushed him to Sariningsih Hospital for medical attention. However, he was pronounced dead.

How does lightning kill?

According to the National Weather Service, when a person is directly struck by lightning, as in the case of a football player, they become “part of the main lightning discharge channel.” This type of lightning strike occurs when the victim is in an open area.

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Although uncommon, this type of shock is the most lethal because “some of the current travels along and just over the surface of the skin (called flashover), and some of the current travels through the body – usually through the cardiovascular and/or nervous systems.”

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