Food watch: love of country draws back after receiving a warning for advertising a statement to cocoa

The company is the country of love was withdrawn after the warning of the consumer organization food watch, numerous advertising statements in the Coco school

The company is the country of love was withdrawn after a warning from the consumer food organization, the number of advertising statements for the cocoa school. The cease-and-desist letter, available to the AFP news agency, says, among other things, that love of country increases in the future, to statements such as “cocoa will not taste intelligence and concentration” and “cocoa makes you mentally responsive.” The information has been removed from the website and the brochure for abgemahnt parents will also not be distributed.

Foodwatch criticizes Julia Klöckner

Foodwatch spoke of the “embarrassment” of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg over the joint school milk program, the authorities found, among other things, these promotional statements about their adherence to the promotion of sweetened milk in schools in those countries. Love of country is the biggest supplier of milk for schools.

Sweet and junk food study: one in three soft drinks contain too much DPA sugar

The Bahis Siteleri company has been widely using “for many years an unacceptable fairy tale about the supposedly positive effects of chocolate milk,” said Food Watch CEO Martin Rücker.

The organization also criticized State Minister of Economy Julia Klöckner (CDU). It cannot be that Klöckner on the one hand speaks for the reduction of sugar, and on the other hand accepts that “the government supports the consumption of sugar in schools”.

The company defends the extra sugar

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love of country defended that not only milk, but also cocoa containing sugar is generally part of the subsidies under the school milk program. Not all children would like the “taste of pure milk”. Experience has shown that children would buy a lot of sugar, more carbonated drinks, “if not cocoa would be subsidized”, love for the homeland.

sos / AFP Updated date: November 23, 2018, 8:01 p.m

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