Flight attendant takes revenge on passenger pretending to be vegetarian

A flight attendant shared on Reddit how a passenger on the plane pretended to be a vegetarian and asked for a free higher-priced meal. However, what the flight attendant did in the end after realizing that the passenger was actually a non-vegetarian made people laugh. Several commented on the post that the host was not wrong, and that he did everything he could.

The stewardess told how one passenger lied about being a vegetarian. (Remove splash)

A follower, who goes by the name Troikos on Reddit, shared that one of the passengers asked for pasta when the food was being served, but since they ran out of that meal, they offered him a plate of chicken. To that, the passenger simply said that he was a vegetarian, and the last time this happened to him, the flight attendant gave him a business class meal, so he’ll wait.” (Also read: 13-hour flight, farting dog and one couple’s nightmare with Singapore Airlines)

The way he anticipated this right before I could even offer a solution left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I was 99% sure that I had taken an empty package of smokey bacon crisps from him earlier, and no, they weren’t the veggie brand, as I occasionally have them. I was sure he was picky and wanted a better quality meal,” the flight attendant wrote.

Troikos went on to say, “I went to business class. They also ran out of veggie options. So I went to first class and asked if I could have something extra. We ended up putting a few leaves along with some dressing. I put it back on the silver tray and held it above his eye line so he couldn’t see what it was. I explained to him that unfortunately the business class vegetarian option had run out and then went to cut me off so he could have regretted it but I raised my hand and said, ‘However, I was able to leave one step further and I got the last vegetarian meal of the first grade.’ (Also Read: Pilot Son’s Heartfelt Post For Flight Attendant Mom)

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But when the passenger saw the meal he was offered, he asked the flight attendant to bring him only a plate of chicken.

Check out the post the flight attendant shared here:

This post was shared on September 9. Since it was published, it has been liked more than 7,000 times. The stock also received several comments.

Here’s what people are saying about this post:

The individual wrote: “Love it! I’m vegetarian and always pre-order. Even with pre-booking, some flights run out of vegetarian options. Sigh. I’ve never been offered anything more than a bag of chips as a ‘sorry’ for that. You are an excellent member of the cabin crew because you do it for the vegetarians! And I loved this malevolent alignment!”

Another said: “I’m vegan. I always order ahead and still always carry extra food in my carry-on as often as my meal is forgotten or gifted. I really appreciate this person for going the extra mile in such cases.”

“I buy delicious meals at the airport. The food on the flight is bad at best. I also bring an empty thermal bottle and get tea in the terminal. I get the food I like and it contains what I want. No problem,” posted a third.

A fourth said: “I’m vegetarian and I usually pack food for fear of running out. My last airline charged me $18 to order a vegetarian meal before a flight, which is just not cool, luckily on both flights it was a less popular option so they had something warm for me too.”

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