Find 10 differences in the scene of the girl with the cat in 18 seconds

Warning! Before you start, get rid of all distractions and show that you can overcome extreme challenges in record time. Get ready to start! Do you think you can overcome it as quickly as possible?

Find the differences in the Don’t Believe it! Although at first glance the pictures look the same, almost imperceptible details are missing. Can you find the differences in the rooms? Do it in less than 8 seconds!

How did it go? If you succeeded, congratulations! You are a GENIUS, but if you are not, we recommend that you continue practicing with the other challenges available in the Mexico section of the website.


Find the inequalities challenge! If you’ve come this far, it’s because you want to know if you were close to achieving it.

To make it much clearer, we attach all the differences in the visual challenge in red. How many of you were missing?


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