Final Fantasy VII Remake: Best weapon builds for Barret Wallace

Final Fantasy VII Remake is all about team building, and no team would be complete without a matching tank. Barret Wallace keeps the team at the bottom not only is he an amazing tank, but he also struggles with range. This allows Barret to shoot enemies in high or distant places that other characters cannot reach.

In order to use Barret’s abilities, players will need to upgrade Barret’s weapons to fill gaps in the player’s team. Where Aerith is a healer or Cloud and Tifa are more combat focused, Barrett’s weapons and armor should prepare him to rush into battle without fear of instant death.

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Upgrading Barret can be a bit tricky. It can be difficult to see what Materia and upgrades would be best suited for his weapon. Barrett’s weapons also allow him to switch from being a primary tank to filling different roles within the group. This is a basic overview of the upgrades and materials best suited for each weapon.

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Gatling Gun

The Gatling gun is Barret’s starting weapon. This weapon, like all other starters, is his most balanced weapon and contains a wide range of basic upgrades. This gun will also help Barret become just a tank, depending on what Materia players pair with him.

This weapon’s primary ability, Focused Shot, is an attack that significantly increases enemy stagger and can strike fear into the hearts of enemies. A focused shot consumes all of Barrett’s ATB charge to unleash a burst of concentrated energy at the enemy.

The best Materia for Barrett’s starting weapon is an elemental Materia, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning. Additionally, giving Barret an HP Up or Steadfast Block will increase his chances of survival as he charges into battle.

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Light machine gun

Players will receive the Light Machine Gun at the end of the sixth chapter. Weapons are automatically equipped while playing the story, so there is no need to search for these weapons. The Light Machine Gun comes with an ability that is slightly different from previous characters. This weapon allows Barret to take damage that was intended for other party members. Because of his higher HP bar, Barret can sacrifice his health on behalf of his team.

The Light Machine Gun makes Barret more of a support role than just a tank. The weapon comes with a number of magical upgrades that help Barret use more spells than the Gatling Gun. However, the Light Machine Gun has a fairly strong physical attack power. This weapon will help Barret become a well-rounded team fighter.

As mentioned earlier, Barret is an amazing tank. And since this weapon allows Barret to deal damage to a team member, it’s important to give Barret a Materia like HP Up or MP Up to make sure he’s protected. Additionally, since Barret is now more capable of holding magic, Heal, Revive, and Barrier Materia are also essential in making sure he survives the battle. And, of course, the Materia element never hurts.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha can be found during Chapter 13. Upon returning to Sector 7, players can stop at the weapons shop in the slums and purchase Big Bertha for 2500 gil. This weapon comes with the maximum fury skill. This attack consumes all of Barrett’s ATB charge, but fires a long barrage of bullets at the enemy.

Unlike previous weapons, Big Bertha has as much HP as humanly possible. This weapon allows Barret to have a number of different stat boosts if he can maintain most of his health during battle. Big Bertha boosts Barret as the group’s main tank while dealing heavy damage to enemies.

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To keep Barret alive while this gun is equipped, give Barret Chakra and HP Up Materia. This will help keep Barret’s health from getting too low. Additionally, giving Barret Steadfast Block can help reduce the damage coming to him. Since Big Bertha has so many HP-based power-ups, making sure Barret has a great way to block will ensure victory!

Steel pliers

Steel Tongs are sold at the Moogle Emporium in the slums of Sector 5. Players will encounter this weapon during Chapter 14, and it costs 7 Moogle Medals to purchase the weapon. This weapon comes with the Charing Uppercut ability. This attack allows Barret to dash towards an enemy and knock them into the air with one fierce punch. This attack also increases Barret’s charge.

As strange as it sounds, Steel Pincers actually turn Barret into a melee attacker and offensive magic user. This helps transition Barret from a tank to a primary mage. Surprisingly, Steel Pincers allows Barret to deal a lot of damage both physically and magically, something that isn’t quite common with characters that are usually primary tanks.

To increase the amount of damage dealt to enemies, Barret should equip the Materia element. To keep Barret a mage-style player, equipping MP Up and Magic Up Materia can boost Barret’s magic. Additionally, healing and absorbing HP can increase Barrett’s total HP and keep the team alive.

Wrecking ball

Compared to other weapons, the Wrecking Ball is an easy weapon to miss. While playing Chapter 14, players should quickly stop and complete the side quest called “Underground Menace” in the slums of Sector 6. This weapon comes with the Smackdown ability. This attack allows Barret to slam into the ground and send nearby enemies into the air.

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Wrecking Ball turns Barret into a melee character with no magic boosts. The weapon is meant to deal heavy physical damage and has a number of upgrades to boost its attacks. The abilities of this weapon mean that Barret will constantly be in close proximity to enemies.

Due to Barret’s close contact with enemies, making sure that Materia such as Chakra and HP Up are equipped is beneficial to his character. Additionally, ATB Stagger and Steadfast Block will help Barret stay alive and ensure that enemies are dealt as much damage as possible.

EKG cannon

The EKG Cannon is available to players in Chapter 16. Players can purchase this weapon from Hart in Sector 0 for 10,000 gil. While in the Shinra building, in the upper level 62F archives, players will find Hart in the mayor’s office. This weapon comes with the Point Blank ability. This ability drains all of Barret’s ATB charge, but provides a close range attack and can chase all enemies in the area.

This weapon is the best option if players want Barret to use magic, but also want to keep him a ranged fighter. A number of heavy magic upgrades and critical strike enhancements make this weapon an incredible offensive option. Although this weapon prevents Barret from being a supertank, it has high magic. This means that Barret can equip healing magic to keep the team healed when needed.

For a weapon that has so much magic, of course it would be appropriate for this weapon to have MP Up. Additionally, giving Barret some luck with the Luck Up Materia can prove useful in a pinch. HP Absorption and Healing Materia will also keep Barret and his team alive. Additionally, since EKG Cannon is great for offensive attacks, if you give it Fire, Ice, or Lightning Materia, you will make the most of EKG Cannon’s high magic abilities.

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